Some affordable convertibles that are worth considering

18 Jul

The wind whipping the hair, the rays of the sun gilding the skin and all the senses put in an amplified driving thanks to the fact of not having a roof over the head. Everyone at some point in his life has considered having a convertible. If it is your current situation, we propose some affordable and interesting options.

BMW Z4 / Z3

The ‘zetas’ of BMW have always been among the most mythical among the two-seater cabriolets. The BMW Z4 (E85) was the replacement of the Z3 and arrived in 2002 to surprise for its dynamic behavior. Although later there was a second generation and soon the next one will come out, we will focus on the first one. It was marketed with four and six cylinder engines, the latter being the most recommended for performance and sound. Reliability has always been one of its strengths. For those with a somewhat lower budget, you can always opt for the previous Z3, with a sweeping design. For those who can spend more, they can venture with the M sports variants, highly valued today.

Porsche Boxster

It saw the light in 1996. In this case it adopted a configuration with central-rear engine and that mechanical boxer that characterizes the manufacturer. In its beginnings a six-cylinder 2.5-liter was mounted, but later increased its displacement in the ‘S’ sports variants and with the generational changes. In the most recent one turned to the four turbocharged cylinders. But at the beginning of the article we talked about affordable options and for that you have to go to the first generation (Type 986). It will be somewhat more expensive than other rivals on the list, but in return it has more distinction and exclusivity.

Mazda MX-5

If you talk about convertibles it is impossible to ignore the Mazda MX-5. It is the most sold homeless model in the world and therefore, an option to shuffle. You have to start by saying that it has four generations behind it, all with front-wheel drive, four-cylinder engine and a very small weight. The purists could opt for a first-generation MX-5 (NA), whose price is quoted upwards by the revaluation. More affordable is the second generation (NB).

Mercedes SLK

The Mercedes SLK went on the market in 1996 as a rival for the ‘zetas’ of BMW. As the main distinction of the rest of the highlights is its retractable rigid roof instead of the traditional canvas top. In this case it was also opted for a front engine (four or six cylinders) and rear traction, factors that in a short battle body suppose a good feeling at the wheel. If we look back to the first generation (R170) we will find a more classic design and fairly cheap units. If you want something more updated you can always go for the second generation (R171).

Audi TT Roadster

We finish the list with another of the mythical, the Audi TT Roadster. This specimen appears in the year 1998 as coupe 2 + 2 although it quickly accompanies the double-seat cabriolet body. Currently we are already on the third generation of the model. Personally we are left with the first that was marketed with the 1.8T engine with power from 150 to 225 HP. The second generation was updated both in design and with the engines (1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI).