Some seats that make you think you’re walking. That’s what Jaguar Land Rover works on

1 Feb

Jaguar Land Rover is one of those manufacturers that is always innovating and looking for solutions for their cars. We had already seen that they work on projects such as a 3D Head-Up Display or an anti-stress system, and now they show us something else that never ceases to surprise us. It is a seat that makes the user think that he is walking, something that aims to improve health on long journeys where he spends more time sitting.

It is more than proven that it is not good you are sitting for a long time, it is always appreciated to pause the trip to stretch your legs. Well, the British manufacturer has wanted to implement technology to this issue with seats that can change shape and make movements that lead the human brain to think that it is walking. Another advantage of this system to fight against sedentary lifestyle is that it adapts individually to each driver and passenger.

They have been baptized as “Morphable” seats and have a series of actuators in the foam that can constantly create micro-adjustments, simulating the movement that would be made when walking. It performs a kind of oscillation in the pelvis that helps maintain some activity while driving and avoid the negative consequences of spending several hours sitting in the car. It is only a matter of time before we begin to see this type of innovation in the industry.

Jaguar Land Rover nowadays tend to take good care of the ergonomics and comfort of their rooms. In their seats you can find multidirectional electrical settings, massage function and the possibility of controlling the temperature by heating or ventilation. Other recommendations for comfortable driving from the British brand are that before sitting down, the user empties their pockets and adopts a comfortable position with the shoulders glued to the seat and the column aligned with the pelvis to reduce pressure points.