Tesla is a fantastic car of the future

13 Nov

What until a few months ago seemed removed from the plot of a science fiction movie, is becoming reality. The future is here and it is here to stay. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, which in many cases makes our lives more comfortable. Can you imagine calling your car through your mobile and showing you where you are? Taking the name of physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla, Tesla Motors Inc. develops induction motors creating compact systems with a lower number of moving parts than a conventional thermal engine. The company has its own patents for its manufacture, which have been released to the public since 2014. The main objective of Tesla Motors is to commercialize all-electric vehicles, including sedans, sports cars and affordable compact cars. The Tesla Roadster was the first vehicle of the company, pioneer in the use of Ion-Lithium batteries with autonomies of more than 300 kilometers per load. Between 2008 and 2012, the company puts into circulation more than 2000 units worldwide. After completing the production of the Roadster, Tesla continues present in the market with vehicles that combine the latest technology in development, as well as design, quality and representation.

The car manufacturer, Tesla Motors Inc., has released a new hardware with which it aims to achieve autonomous driving one hundred percent. This development can be a big change for a future in which cars will no longer need a human being to drive them, but will do so alone and in a more secure way. The company has announced its plans for the installation in all its vehicles of this new hardware. It consists of eight cameras that provide 360-degree visibility around the vehicle, reaching a distance of 250 meters. This will be complemented by twelve ultrasonic sensors that detect hard and soft objects and with a radar, located in the front that is able to see in adverse weather conditions such as fog, snow, rain or clouds of dust.

To make sense of all this data, an on-board computer which will be installed will be 40 times more powerful than the previous generation. Tesla will use the information gained from the driving experience of millions of kilometers in the real world to calibrate the new system and thus improve comfort and especially safety. With the launch of this system, Tesla is taking a step that can change the world of driving. This new hardware will provide a view of the world that the driver alone could not reach, since it goes far beyond what the human senses can perceive. It is important to consider how governments and the users themselves will react to this new development. If they are reluctant to operate this type of driving or on the contrary they will receive it as an important progress. The CEO of the company, Elon Musk, hopes that self-driving can be a reality as soon as possible and that by 2017 a Tesla vehicle will be able to travel the distance between New York and Los Angeles without using the steering wheel.