Tesla Party and camper mode, the door to the parking raves

9 Aug


The unit that starred in our MINI Countryman test had the Picnic Bench, an extra that adds a comfortable bench (topped in leather, really comfortable), with which you can enjoy sitting in the trunk of music, a picnic. Well, here we have just discovered that in Tesla cars those “parking raves” or just listening to some songs on the radio with the trunk open to sit was not possible. Why? Well for security.

With the car stopped the electricity that allows have the music equipment working or to use the electrical outlets to be turned off, for example, connect a USB with songs or a refrigerator to cool drinks. The users and buyers of Tesla have had to notice it to the company and its CEO, the famous Elon Musk, has confirmed on Twitter that the models of the firm will have this new function.

There is no big gas guzzler engine in front and it means there’s room for trunks in front & back, plus longer crumple zone that gives best safety of any midsize car. In a future update this functionality will be included, named by Musk as a party and camper mode that will allow keeping different systems active, such as audio, air conditioning, some lights and several electrical outlets while the tailgate of the trunk is open.

For now we know that you can keep this new mode active for 48 hours or more, but still need to know relevant details such as the level of power consumption that will involve having it activated and if it will be possible to customize it, for example. Musk has also confirmed that the entire range will benefit from this new functionality. From Model S to Model 3, the electric sedan that is not yet available in Europe, to the superb Tesla Model X, a vehicle that we could thoroughly test.