Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 in China will be ready in August

5 Jul

Since last year, Gigafactory 3 of Tesla, the third giant plant of the Elon Musk brand for the production of its batteries and electric vehicles, has already begun to be talked about. With the other two Gigafactory located in the United States, this was looking for an international expansion and there was no better place to build it than China, specifically in an area of ​​86 hectares in Shanghai. Now it seems that everything is practically ready for the work to begin there, because although the works began just six months ago, the construction is being done intensively with operators working there 24 hours a day in different shifts. In this way they want to meet the objectives that were set at the beginning of the project and that establish that by the month of August they can begin to operate. The truth is that we find it hard to believe that a work of such caliber will be able to be done in such a short period of time, but in Internet there is a video to remove all doubts.

An amateur has been covering the works of this Gigafactory 3 of China and has released a very complete video with shots in both the first person and the view of drone. Judging by the images, it is seen that the works are quite advanced and that the main structures are made. They would lack details such as the exterior or roof covering with the solar panels, in addition to the necessary equipment for the production of batteries and vehicles (which have been purchased from Bosch).

Because it is noteworthy that Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 will be used to make batteries, but it will also have the capacity to assemble the models of the brand. It is planned that they start in the first instance with the Tesla Model 3 and that they will later also adopt the Tesla Model Y. They are expected to reach an annual production of 250,000 vehicles, although the maximum capacity of the factory would be much higher.