The Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce you want to drive next to the sea

12 Mar

If there is one thing that Italians do very well, it is designing things whose functionality does not have to sacrifice their appearance. In other words, the Italians know how to do beautiful things, and what we are talking about, they know how to design cars where power and appearance do not contradict each other.

Alfa Romeo was born with that in mind. Throughout its history we can find real gems that confirm that the “curve is beautiful”, a design style that has squared lines as an antagonist. Of all the iconic Alfa Romeo pieces, the Giulia series of 1962 has something quite mystical about it. For the brand it was the relay of the Giulietta series, as well as the confirmation that the company had gone from being a small factory to a large one and from the economic point of view, viable company. The success came in a considerable way thanks to a strategy based on producing elegant and versatile cars at an average price, strategy that worked on both sides of the Atlantic.

However, of all the cars produced under the umbrella of the Giulia, the Giulia Spider Veloce takes our enthusiasm. As its last name “Veloce” indicates, it is the most powerful and stylized version of the Giulia line. With a dual-chamber 1600 cc engine, supported by two Weber carburetors, the compression ratio was maximized, which resulted in a much higher performance than the cars of the “normal” version, a unique and enjoyable driving experience for the senses, where the only concern lies in getting its five transmission speeds.

If the total production of Giulia Spider amounted to 10,318 units, that of Veloce only reached 1,091 units. Casey Annis, a Californian specialist in classic cars, owns one of them. In a video filmed in an elegant and sophisticated way, as it could not be less coming from Petrolicious, Casey tells his interesting story with Alfa Romeo. It all started with a dream and a fondness for cars that was born the day that Casey saw a Ferrari Dino parked in front of his house. Restore classic cars became his main hobby and one of his first adventures was to launch his own car magazine.

It was a small project that dazzled the managers of the owners club of Alfa Romeo in the United States. Those who asked Casey to take charge of editing the club’s magazine himself. It was then when he began to charge a special interest in the history of Alfa Romeo, also having access to privileged information related to the sale of classic models. An ad that Casey had access to before it was published was exactly that of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce from 1962. He was so amazed by the car, that he knew that if he did not get it, it would be a decision he would regret all his life. He made the right decision. Casey, who is an amateur of the sea, likes to disconnect by taking his Alfa Romeo out for a walk along the coast of California. Something that even bad weather can’t prevent, before putting on a raincoat that raises the hood. We imagine that getting wet inside this car is a sacrifice that is worth doing.