The best scenes with cars in the history of cinema

10 Jul

Doing a memory exercise, we collect some of those that for us are the best scenes with cars in the history of cinema. Let’s go there.

Pulp Fiction, 1995

In Tarantino’s work, it is common to find many scenes in which the car serves as a stage to deepen the character and personality of its characters. Surely the clearest example is this mythical scene of Pulp Fiction, in which Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield, at the wheel of a Chevrolet Nova of ’74, discuss the strange name with which call the quarter pound with cheese. By the way, if as they happen to you a “mishap” in the car and you had a mess, you can call Mr. Wolf or follow these tips.

Casino Royale, 2006

If it is already difficult to choose the best “Bond car” of the saga, stay with a scene, it is a very complicated task. Therefore, making merit to scenes like Connery’s in Gold finger with the DB5, Roger Moore with the Lotus Esprit underwater and AMC’s incredible jump in The Man with the Golden Gun, we are left with this one from Casino Royale for a simple reason. That scene of the DBS jumping through the air after the drift of Bond ended up obtaining the record to the acrobatics with more jumps of bell of the history. A totally unexpected record due to over feeding the propellants with nitrogen that equipped the Aston Martin.

The Italian Job, 1969

An iconic film, where the mythical scene with three Mini Coopers, “sliding” like an ice skaters on the streets of Turin, is simply perfect with an unbeatable photo and editing, the years go by and we continue to imagine ourselves in the shoes of Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) and his companions at the wheel of a classic Cooper.

Drive, 2011

This film of independent cut with Ryan Gosling like protagonist is a delight that will hook you from the first moment. It is just the beginning of it, with the driver helping some thieves to escape from the police, where it is confirmed that to make a good action movie is not necessary to abuse special effects.

The Blues Brothers, 1980

In the film of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi there is a scene that culminates all that excess of comedy with surrealist overtones when the protagonists are persecuted by the police, ending with practically the entire police body piling on top of each other. How they got so many police cars, it’s an excellent question.

Seven, 1995

The truly overwhelming moment would arrive minutes later with the famous box. However, this scene in which the psychopath John Doe tries to justify their terrible acts, manipulating the detective David Mills (Brad Pitt), is masterful. The position of the camera, in this scene inside a police car of the city of New York, brings intensity and creates a climax that prepares for what would come next.

Jurassic Park, 1993

With this exciting film turned into a franchise, Steven Spielberg warned us of the dangers of playing at being gods with nature. Sample of it, is the scene in which the children refugee in a park car (Ford Explorer XLT UN46) try to protect from the spectacular T-Rex.