The changes are coming to Volkswagen

19 Apr

It was an open secret that has already become official. The Volkswagen Group is carrying out an important corporate restructuring and the first changes are already being seen. The most important is undoubtedly the appointment of a new CEO, which is Herbert Diess. The German had been the head of Volkswagen as a brand and now takes over the entire Group, replacing Matthias Müller. There have not been too many details or reasons for this change. Müller had been noted during the clean-up of the company’s face after the Dieselgate and in the reorganization of the twelve brands that make up the Volkswagen Group.

Now with Diess is intended to reduce expenses (excessive in the past) and ensure the confidence of investors. Also brands are grouped around three groups: Volume, Premium and Super Premium; In addition to motorcycles, buses and trucks. Along with the appointment of Herbert Diess as visible head, there have been other internal movements. These are some of the first changes and will lead to a domino effect in which many more ‘pieces’ will move. There still remains to restructure some of the main brands, such as Audi and Porsche, which remain temporarily without maximum responsibility. We will see how this deep restructuring affects the Volkswagen Group and if they finally manage to effectively reorganize their brands and lead a sustainable economy.

The changes are coming to Volkswagen. It has been working on prototypes I.D. and soon a major production electric car offensive will begin. The brand wants to undergo a full face wash and that also involves changing its current logo. Everything points to the fact that next year they will present in society a new logo just in time to welcome the electric. The current badge remains unchanged since 2012 and presents a three-dimensional appearance. This practically remained from the second half of the last century, having been modified only to introduce the blue color and its surface. Although there are still no clues about the change, it could translate into a simplification in two dimensions to adapt to the times and the screens of smartphones.

In the last electric prototypes we have seen a hallmark of our own: the illuminated logo, next to the grill. You could also adopt that measure in the production models, because you get a pretty striking visual effect. The investment of 20,000 million euros in the electric vehicle also aims to change the conception that people have and convince all those potential buyers. Campaigns will be made mainly in digital and social media, in addition to offering a more attractive and accessible image of Volkswagen itself. Do not forget that the literal translation of the brand is “the town car” (Volks-town and Wagen-car). The first electric model of the new era, and in which the logo could be released, could be the compact I.D. in 2020. Later you could be followed by an SUV, a sedan and even a minibus; as already seen in the prototypes.