The exaggerated car collection of the Sultan of Brunei

9 Jul

If we take the globe through the Southeast Asian zone, in the central zone, and bordering on Malaysia, there is a small point of just 5,765 km² where 420,000 people live. Its name is Brunei. With an economy dependent on the exploitation of oil and natural gas, it is a country with high levels of wealth, but with a population that depends on state aid to survive. Education, housing, and free medical services allow maintaining a fairly stable social cohesion. And why would not they be with all this? Well, being the form of government an absolutist sultanate, Sultan Muda Hassanal Bolkiah, is the richest monarch in the world. To get an idea of ​​his wealth, he lives in a palace with more than 1,800 rooms, has a vast collection of aircraft, and above all, has the largest collection of private cars of which there is evidence.

As for the exact number of units there is not much consensus, although the figures would range between 2,500 and 5,000 cars. In 2011, the record for the largest Rolls-Royce private collection in the world was officially recognized by the Guinness World Record. The total value of the collection in 4,000 million dollars, attentive to the delicacies that make it:

The only Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR with the steering wheel on the right

In Brunei you drive on the left, which is why when the sultan felt like a brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR, he had to be tailored to the circulation of his country. This sports competition with 612 HP engine, whose price is around three million dollars, did not have great elements in terms of finishes and amenities because its design was calculated to the millimeter to be an abominable beast on the asphalt.

Five McLaren F1

Indeed, what was the fastest production car in the world, and with a base price that did not fall below $ 970,000, fell in love and how the sultan. Quickly he got 8 units of it, three of which he ended up selling.

Six Ferrari FX

Do not you hear the Ferrari FX? Normal, it was an exclusive order from the Sultan to the firm. As for its technical features, it houses a 12-cylinder boxer engine from the Testarossa, and a 7-speed transmission that comes directly from the Formula 1 of the Williams team of 96. If this is already spectacular enough, the really unique is obviously its design, which does not respond to the extent of the demands of the sultan, but thinking of his son Abdul Azim.

A Jaguar XJR-15

Icon of the brand Jaguar, and with just 50 units manufactured in the early 90s, would be for its designer, Peter Stevens, the prelude to the McLaren F1. With a central engine, and covered by a lightweight body, its aerodynamics optimized its power to the point that it was at the limit of being considered a racing car.

A Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jack

Despite the fact that 28 units were manufactured, it is estimated that there are currently only 15 units in the world. And yes, obviously the sultan has one in his possession. With a quote that is close to 700,000 euros, we talk about a version that increases in power the already extremely powerful Lamborghini Diablo.