The five Jaguar Land Rover models that will arrive from 2020 to 2022

7 Aug


Jaguar Land Rover goes through moments of change. They have had to make strong cuts in their workforce to get their accounts out and they have moved part of their British production to the new factory in Slovakia. But ambition remains intact and now they seek to prosper for the future. Between 2020 and 2022 they will launch five models, so that the change of the decade will be a turning point for the British. The key in this whole equation seems to be the MLA modular platform on which Jaguar Land Rover works. It will be the one that mount most of its future models and aims to reduce production costs that both bring head to the manufacturer (currently they have six different platforms). This architecture will allow the use of hybrid propulsion systems, plug-in hybrids and even pure electric ones. Some will come out of the agreement they signed with BMW.

Land Rover Defender (late 2020)

The pillar in the new British project is the Land Rover Defender. The new generation, of which we already know some details, will be on the market at the end of 2020. The first model that will mount the MLA platform will be revealed next month and will have three body lengths. It is a real challenge for being a global product (returns to North America) and for being produced in a new factory (Nitra in Slovakia).

Jaguar XJ (late 2020)

The Jaguar XJ is the saloon representing the brand, a model that said goodbye this year after half a century in the market and eight generations. Luckily, Jaguar will not let it fall into oblivion and a successor with the MLA platform is expected by the end of 2020. Although there is not much information, it is said that it will be a fully electric model with a very dynamic driving. Plug-in hybrid variants are not ruled out either.


Jaguar J-Pace (mid 2021)

In Jaguar they seem focused on the top of their range, in the most luxurious models and after the saloon would arrive the SUV of representation, a new copy that would be a step above the current F-Pace. This Jaguar J-Pace would be ready by 2021 also using the MLA platform. Therefore, the electrification would be the protagonist and in the plug-in hybrids, new six-cylinder petrol Ingenium would be released, achieving total traction with the electric motor.

Range Rover Road Rover (late 2021)

On the part of Range Rover there will also be news, with a fairly important one that would arrive at the end of 2021. The Road Rover would be born, with a totally different approach from the rest of the range. As the name implies, it would be more destined for the road, with less ground clearance and, therefore, more efficient. It seems that it will be the first pure electric of Range Rover and could be placed by size between the Evoque and the Velar.

Range Rover (early 2022)

Recently we were able to see an update for the Range Rover, the most representative model of this sub-brand. However, we are already working on the new generation of the Range Rover, already settled on the MLA platform, which would arrive in early 2022. It will continue to be a benchmark for quality and luxury, while more electrified versions appear (currently it is already available the P400e).