The Ford Fiesta LPG arrives with ECO label (and sports finish)

8 Aug

That a model has versions with the ECO label is becoming an almost indispensable requirement in all brands. The last to join is the Ford Fiesta, betting on the Ford Fiesta LPG, one of the few alternatives within the utility segment with this type of environmental cataloging. The Ford Fiesta LPG moves thanks to a 1.1 PFi LPG engine with 75 HP. It has, like all models moved with liquefied petroleum gas, with two fuel tanks, hence they are called bi-fuel. With the LPG tank, 400 km of autonomy is announced, to which we must add those provided by the fuel tank, with which we talk about exceeding 1,000 km without refueling without problem.

The great advantage of LPG is that it is much cheaper than gasoline, something we recently verified in our test of the Subaru Outback LPG, without the benefits being excessively reduced. In addition, it has the ECO label, which allows access to downtown areas in some cities during periods of high pollution and rebates of up to 75% in the tax of vehicles with mechanical traction, cheaper parking in regulated areas. It is best not to lose space in the trunk, since the LPG tank has been installed under the floor, in the space occupied in conventional versions by the spare wheel. If you are worried about where to refuel, there are a lot of service stations where to do it, quite well distributed throughout the geography. That is one of the main advantages of LPG compared to CNG.

Following in the footsteps of what will undoubtedly be its biggest rival, the Seat Ibiza TGI, which we could try, in addition to offering a basic finish, the Trend, can be chosen with a more sporty-looking variant, the ST-Line. It features elements inspired by the Ford Fiesta ST, such as the honeycomb-shaped front grille, fog lights with dark trim, exclusive bumper, sports suspension, ST-Line logo thresholds, 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome exhaust pipe, sports seats and gear shift and leather-wrapped steering wheel. In addition to driving assistance systems such as lane maintenance assistance, speed limiter or hill start assist, it offers the SYNC2.5 infotainment system, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and an 8-inch touch screen.