The interior of the updated Fiat Toro was lit up: the pickup got a vertical tablet

18 Dec

According to preliminary data, the restyling will bring not only changes in the exterior and interior to the Italian brand truck, but also a new engine. The model will enter the market next year.

In the Fiat range, the Toro pickup truck with a monocoque body appeared in 2016, the model is built on an extended version of the “bogie” of the Jeep Renegade crossover. The production of the truck is established in Brazil, this country is the main market for the model, and there it is in good demand. So, last year 65,566 copies were sold (+ 12%). In the same 2019, Toro was slightly modernized, but Fiat is already working on a second, more significant update: camouflaged test samples have been caught on Brazilian roads more than once, but the interior has not been exposed before. Now, thanks to the publication Autos Segredos, which published the next spy shots, we have an idea of ​​what will change inside. Think about how good this LEGO Fiat 500 would look on your desktop

The photo is of poor quality, but, nevertheless, the main new thing is visible – the Toro received a multimedia system with a vertical touchscreen, which, obviously, also brought the “climate” control. Most likely, such a tablet will go to expensive configurations, and the simpler versions will still have “traditional” multimedia and a climate control unit. By the way, another display glows in front of the driver, but it is not yet clear whether this is a full-fledged virtual “tidy” or a small screen between analog scales. Also, the interior could replace finishing materials. This classic Fiat 124 Spider has been converted to electric and keeps the manual transmission

As for the exterior, the restyling will bring Fiat Toro a new radiator grille, on which instead of the usual emblem there will be an inscription with the brand name; plus retouch the front bumper. The pickup will retain the multi-tiered head optics, but not only the navigation lights located on top, but also the headlights themselves, as well as fog lights, will become LED.

According to local media reports, Toro will also receive a new 1.3 Firefly Flex turbo engine, which traditionally for Brazil will run on both gasoline and ethanol. The maximum power is about 150 hp. This engine will replace the recently retired 2.4 Tigershark (174 hp on gasoline and 186 hp on ethanol). The current dual-fuel 1.8 EtorQ (135 or 139 hp) and the 2.0 MultiJet II turbodiesel (170 hp) are likely to remain in service, while the latter is being modernized, which may affect its output. The boxes, as expected, will not change: the current Fiat Toro with 1.8 can be bought with 5MKP or 6AKP, the diesel works in tandem with 9AKP. The diesel pickup has four-wheel drive, the dual-fuel version is front-wheel drive

The newly revamped Toro will premiere next year. Recall that the pickup is also sold under its native brand in neighboring Argentina, and in other Latin American countries, the model is known as the Ram 1000.