The most amazing thing you’ll see today: a Suzuki Swift Sport doing drifting

7 Sep


When we talk about drifting in the motor world we refer to that technique that consists in taking the car through long skids. One of the main factors to get it right is to have a rear-wheel drive car with power and no electronic controls, so that the rear wheels can rotate freely forming large clouds on the asphalt. And the next question will be – how does the Suzuki Swift Sport fit into all this?

The truth is that it is quite contradictory, because the Japanese utility is a small model of front-wheel drive and not too powerful. It does not seem like the ideal car to skid, even though we consider it a very fun example after trying it. Although it is technically impossible to drift with the Swift Sport, the truth is that in good hands it is possible to take it on its side many meters and achieve a similar effect.

That is what can be seen in the video, where the young driver Olivér Ámon manages to do wonders with the utility. As you can imagine at this point, the Hungarian specialty is drifting and its handling makes it very clear. Despite the front-wheel drive, he manages to masterfully balance the Suzuki Swift Sport, rounding out some corners in a way we would never have imagined.

With the car placed at unusual angles, in some shots gives the feeling that the rear axle wants to overtake the front, something of the oversteer. It seems that one of the keys to achieve this behavior are the barely 975 kg of weight of the utility, which make it a reference in the segment. It also helps that this generation has been added a turbo, because now the engine 1.4 Boosterjet offers a not inconsiderable 140 HP of power.