The most influential car designers in history (part 1)

18 Dec

The design of the car is one of its fundamental aspects. In fact, it is one of the priorities of many buyers when buying a vehicle. Although the interior and entrails are vital and we do not conceive a good car without adequate mechanics, the first thing that enters through the eyes is the physical one. In fact, it is easy to find models that have been praised despite being technically bad and others that have been condemned for their appearance, even if they have positive aspects. And although there is nothing written about tastes, the truth is that there are a number of designs that have triumphed over the years. Harmonic proportions, master lines and functional patterns have given eternal life to some cars that will never go out of style. And those strokes have come from the pens of some of the most influential designers in history.

Ferdinand Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche is one of those personalities from the motor world who needs no introduction. His main recognition and that has made his name last up to the present is the founding of Porsche. This Austrian born in 1875 is known as one of the most important designers in history. In his first years designing he created the most interesting hybrid (taking into account that it was running the year 1900), called Lohner-Porsche. Shortly after, the most important one would arrive, the Mercedes-Benz SSK, a sports car that dominated in competition during the 1920s. And another of his important works, although it may surprise some, is the Volkswagen Beetle. After World War II broke out Ferdinand Porsche was forced to suspend many projects and to collaborate with military vehicles. When the war ended and he was able to return to Stuttgart, they finished the Porsche 356, which he had designed together with his son “Ferry”.

Sergio Pininfarina

Pininfarina is one of the most prestigious design studios today. That story starts with Battista “Pinin” Farina, an Italian who in 1930 founded the company Carrozzeria Pininfarina, which started working with some important national brands. The Second World War took its toll, but when it was over they were able to resume work with his son Sergio Pininfarina taking on importance in the family business. His son took charge of continuing with his father’s legacy and extending the name Pininfarina. He designed models as Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, Peugeot 404 or Lancia Aurelia, but one of its key relationships was with Ferrari.

David Ash

Although L. David Ash may not be so recognized in the ‘old continent’, in the United States his legacy is indelible. This is the father of the Ford Mustang, a mythical car with a history that continues to this day. The Mustang is one of the quintessential American muscle cars and its timeless design. But during his passage through the oval brand, he also had time to do other works of great importance. Ash was Head of Design of Ford and put his name to models of the Ford Thunderbird (the same one that appeared in Thelma & Louise). He also made the Lincoln Continental Mark III, for the luxury subsidiary company, etc.