The most valuable car brands in 2018, according to BrandZ

30 May


As every year, the BrandZ Top 100 study comes to our power. Prepared by Kantar Millward Brown, it consists of identifying the companies with the greatest value worldwide and incorporating them into a ranking. And among a multitude of technology companies, we wanted to analyze the car manufacturers that fit into the list. Here are the ten most valuable car brands in 2018: Toyota (Japan), Mercedes-Benz (Germany), BMW (Germany), Ford (United States), Honda (Japan), Nissan (Japan), Audi (Germany), Tesla (United States), Maruti Suzuki (India), Volkswagen (Germany).

As it could not be otherwise, Toyota occupies the first position with a value of 29,987 million dollars. The Japanese brand has only dropped to the second position twice (2010 and 2012) since this study was carried out (13 years). Toyota has experienced a 5% growth that helps it to be at the top with considerable advantage. Even so, it only ranks 36th overall in the BrandZ Top 100.

The podium is quite tight and we find Mercedes in second place with a value of 25,684 million dollars and a spectacular growth of 9% compared to 2017. The reason could be the launch of the E-Class and its boom in sales in China, Brazil and Russia. It has been worth to him to advance by little to BMW, that with 25,624 million dollars it falls to the third position, its worse position in the history of the study. From there you can see a large gap in its value compared to the other manufacturers on the list. The fourth position is for Ford with a value of 12,742 million dollars and a small fall. It is closely followed by Honda, who occupies the fifth position with 12.695 million dollars and is the last of the list that falls into the overall BrandZ Top 100 (position 97). In the ranking of car manufacturers the sixth place is for Nissan with a value of 11.425 million dollars. Audi is in the place number seven with 9.630 million dollars.

In the last squares is where we see some more interesting data. Although it is said that Tesla is close to bankruptcy, the truth is that its brand value reaches 9.415 million dollars, a takeoff of 60% and that virtually breaks the gap with Audi. In ninth place a new entry, Maruti Suzuki which reaches a value of 6.375 million dollars. The ‘top 10’ closes an old acquaintance, Volkswagen returns to the list two years later (the Dieselgate penalized in this area) with 5.986 million dollars of estimated value (in 2015 was 9,300 million dollars).