The New Mercedes-Benz E-Class with Your Own Eyes

23 Mar

There is a serious competition in the automotive world. Every day many companies try to get into the “big league”. Japanese manufacturers at one time practiced well on a large American market: the release of Nissan concept was born here, Toyota and Honda with rich equipment under premium brands Infiniti, Lexus and Acura.

And what about the Mercedes-Benz E-Class? He desires to regain the lost position. In 2012, it was the best-selling midsize luxury sedan in the US, and from 2013-th – it has been permanently losing to his worst Japanese rival Lexus ES, which was released while a new generation. Now Lexus is no longer young, and the E-Class has reached a new level of technology and quality. It seems that the Japanese in the coming 2016 will have to sweat.

A masterpiece of intelligence

A masterpiece of intelligence – under this slogan was held a presentation of the new Mercedes Benz E-Class at the Detroit Motor Show.

E-Class, designed as a workhorse of European businessman, slowly turns into a luxury executive saloon. Yes, now all Mercedes from C to S look “per person” and are built on a modular platform MRA. It’s hard to distinguish C, E and S-Class from 10 meters.

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The length of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is equal to 4, 922.5 mm, which is longer than its predecessor on 43.5 mm. The wheelbase was stretched to 65 mm – up to 2939 mm. Now the front suspension is with double wishbones, not McPherson. By the way, there will be lengthened version.

Suspension from the basic version E-Class is spring, in three versions: a comfortable, a little more rigid and underestimated by 15 mm, sports is with electronically controlled shock absorbers. For a fee can be ordered air suspension Air Body Control.


At the start of sales the new E-Class will be offered with two two-liter engines. Gasoline with power of 184 hp (E 200) and diesel – 195 hp (E 220 d), both are combined with the nine step “automatic» 9G-Tronic. Sedan will accelerate to “hundred” with the first motor for 7.7 seconds, with the second – 7.3 seconds. The gasoline engine consumes 5.9 l / 100 km, diesel – only 3.9 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Modern gasoline engines are with supercharging. What should you expect?

Later range of engines will be expanded, there will be a version with three-liter diesel “six” power of 258 hp (E 350 d), 333-horsepower gasoline engine of 3.0 liters (E 400 4Matic), the base 150-horsepower diesel engine. There will be a hybrid propulsion system, which will make the total output 279 hp. Weightlifters – 6 diesel cars which travel faster than gasoline

In addition to “smart” cruise control sedan received the Active Lane Change Assist, which allows the car to reflow. Reflow may be performed on any of the neighboring bands in an automatic mode when the blinker is on and if the sensors show no interference. Stereo camera and radar constantly scan the area behind the car and to the sides.

If an accident is unavoidable, the Pre-Safe Impulse Side system will close all windows, tighten the seat belts and push the rear passengers to the center of the salon (using inflatable “bags” built into the seat). Want to save your life? Use a seat belt.


Autonomous parking without a driver is possible at speeds up to 2 km / h, and the control panel is performed as a smartphone, in contrast to a special “smart key” in the new BMW 7 Series. The owner of a Mercedes doesn’t have to keep in his pocket an additional device. NFC technology (Near field communication) involves the use of a special SIM-card, which is “tied” to the dealership. Mercedes GLC, BMW X3 and Audi Q5 – which crossover to select?

What is inside?

The instrument panel and display media system are combined in a single unit. Below them are located the round air ducts in the classical style, and below is the control unit of a climate-control and watch. In simpler versions the devices are similar, and multimedia system comes with a 8.4 inch screen.

Inexpensive modifications the instrument panel is digital with three different virtual instruments (classical, sporty and progressive). They work in conjunction with a multimedia display, each of the diagonal screen – 12.3 inches. Managing of multi media is supported by two “touchpad” on the steering wheel. The one that under the left thumb controls the instrument panel, and the right is responsible for the main display.


Maybach or just Mercedes select a sedan that represent

Optionally is available light with 64 colors. Seats on the new Mercedes are available in several versions: Base, Avantgarde, Exclusive and AMG. A separate function is available with nine massage modes. In the list of options is a huge number of finishes using leather, metal and wood.


For a fee is available an advanced audio system Burmester 3D power of 1450 watts with 23 speakers (four of which are located in the ceiling) and two amplifiers. Matrix Multibeam head optics with 84 LEDs provides an excellent overview and does not blind oncoming drivers.