The new Mini Cooper 2017 has learned new commands and become more comfortable and functional

18 Dec

Just few cars have a fun driving style, casual style and extra appeal like the Mini Cooper. When these British cars returned to America 15 years ago, they proved that they would not graze the rear. The 2017 4-door Mini Cooper is much larger. All models use a turbocharged multi-turn engine. While it’s possible to spend a couple thousand less and get more practical Honda Fit, Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta or Chevrolet Sonic, you miss the charm, extra appeal and exceptional delight that only the Mini can bring. Mini is known for adapting to each driver in millions of ways. Since buyers want individual features in their cars, they add additional options to the base models. Despite the fact that the 2017 Mini Cooper starting price is about $ 21,000, the total is close to forty thousand – and this is not a guarantee that the model will be flawless. To buy a Mini for a lower price, it is better to stick to the base model and manual transmission – this is one of the favorites of buyers.

The current Cooper has become more mature in its third generation and has both traditional and high-tech controls. Comfortable riding and improved noise isolation make it much more attractive for long distances. Carbon Mini Cooper S Is Already Available To Order

Driving experience
The level of ride comfort is not ideal, but better than the previous two generations. Only strong blows are heard in the cabin. Now the cabin is quieter, much less noise, although it is still quite pronounced.

The 2017 Mini Cooper has become more resilient on rough roads. Fluctuations when driving are much less than before. The Mini shifts relatively easily, especially the Cooper S on its 17-inch wheels. Additional sports suspension has stiffer springs and shock absorbers, as well as thicker anti-roll bars. Dynamic damping control allows you to strengthen or soften the suspension in order to improve steering and make the ride smoother. On the track, the car feels good, which cannot be said about turns, in which the angular velocity drops significantly.

The model is great for gambling drivers. Despite the fact that the Mini is quite a small car, there is plenty of legroom and driver head in the cabin, the steering wheel, gear lever and pedals are conveniently located. The center armrest is an optional extra; the cheapest compact cars include the standard armrest.

At first glance, the appearance seems great, but in reality there are some nuances. Because of the high seating position, it is necessary to pull the neck under the windshield to see the traffic lights. The biggest obstacle to rear visibility is the rear head restraints. When they rise, block most of the view; efforts must be made to fold and lower them when the seat is unoccupied. Heated mirrors are standard, as an additional option, you can buy electric folding mirrors if the Mini is used as a city and suburban transport, and there is a need to park in narrow places.

Mini is compared to a “bulldog” because it is low and squat, with wheels wide apart. One of the main features of the appearance is the presence of bi-xenon headlights. 2-door and 4-door Mini is positioned as a hatchback, and convertibles have a hinged roof. There is also a “light load” function that raises the bottom of the fabric roof to create a wider opening. The 4-door models are 2 inches longer than 2 doors.

Basic equipment
The standard model includes a 6-level manually adjustable leather seats, a leather steering wheel, a Visual Boost Screen audio information system and automatic climate control. The Cooper S models have sports seats, LED fog lights, larger wheels and more powerful brakes.

Specifications of 2017 Mini Cooper
The base model is equipped with a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbo engine, with a capacity of 134 horsepower. With this powertrain, the car is fairly mobile and energetic for short distances. And the Mini Cooper can also have a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with 189 and 228 horsepower turbocharging, which makes the ride smoother. Power is delivered to the front wheels through a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. To save fuel, a start / stop function is provided that shuts off the engine when the car stops. While mini’s are economical, they require premium gasoline.

The new MINI Countryman has matured, scored the henchman, recovered a bit, learned new commands, has become more comfortable and functional. With a roomy trunk, spacious interior and high ground clearance, this is the most practical representative of the MINI family, but it is still as excitable and jerky as any other.