The next Mercedes-AMG will have to be quieter

6 Aug


If there is something that a faithful follower of the motor world appreciates, it is that sound emitted by large displacement engines and well-tuned exhaust. Although the current trend makes us think that the future will be much quieter due to the strict regulations that come. The European Union will continue to set limits in this area so much that even the big manufacturers are already working to be adapted and not caught by surprise.

This is the case of Mercedes-AMG, the sports division of the brand of the star, responsible for making its sports more radical in which sound is of great importance. The product planning manager for Mercedes-AMG compact vehicles, Bastian Bogenschutz, recently confirmed that the next generation of sports cars will be noticeably quieter than what we saw so far.

Although the regulation is only tightened in the European continent and there are other markets that it does not affect, the restrictions will be applied in a general way by the brand. After all, it would be too expensive to have a different exhaust system depending on the market where the vehicle is going to be sold. And the thing will not be left alone in Mercedes, but all manufacturers will have to review their decibels to conform to European regulations, which will gradually harden.

Although returning to the German manufacturer, it seems that the new Mercedes-AMG A 45 and CLA 45 are the first in which certain changes are being applied to control their loudness. It seems that the most affected in this aspect will be the exhaust system, as manufacturers will have to control the highest notes and those praised flirts. In Mercedes-AMG they work so that the user barely notices the difference by channeling the (real) sound into the cabin. Others will directly opt for simulated sound from the speakers, something that is already done today. We will see how the story ends, although the future does not seem too hopeful.