The other activities of car manufacturers (Part1)

5 Jun

Car manufacturers are large multinational companies that have almost unimaginable dimensions. Recently we talked about the value of some of these brands, which in many cases exceeds several billion euros. To reach this economic magnitude it is necessary to manufacture many automobiles, yes, but in some cases other things are also worthwhile. We bring you the other activities exercised by ten major manufacturers and here are the first four of them.

Volkswagen – Sausages

Probably sausages are the most popular. Everyone knows that Volkswagen makes more sausages than cars a year. Currywurst is a very popular type of sausage in Germany and there is a good percentage of the production left. It is curious to know that everything started in 1973 not as a business, but as sustenance for its factories and employees. Now the business is going from strength to strength and they have also dared with a sauce as popular as ketchup.

BMW – Bobsleds

That BMW makes sleds for bobsleigh for the United States Olympic team is not as weird as it might seem. In both there are common elements, because aerodynamics is the key. Also keep in mind that BMW has Designworks, its own creative consultancy that is responsible for making designs that serve all kinds of activities. Related to this theme, they also came to create a wheelchair for a Paralympic athlete.

Rolls-Royce – Aircraft engines

For much of its history, Rolls-Royce has been linked to aviation. From its origins, at the beginning of the 20th century, until 1973 both activities were grouped under the same brand. Then they separated and changed hands, but despite this, Rolls-Royce Holdings remains one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft engines. It is common to see them on the wings of passenger planes, commercial planes and even fighters.

Peugeot – Kitchen grinders

Peugeot is a very long-lived brand, with more than 200 years of history under its belt. But it has not always been dedicated to the automotive industry, in its origins were dedicated to making kitchen grinders. They started with the coffee grinder and then the pepper grinder followed. Although it may not seem like it, at present they keep that part of the business with an unblemished reputation, because their products are among the best and offer a lifetime guarantee. Now Peugeot Design Lab is responsible for taking your design one step further.