The other activities of car manufacturers (Part2)

6 Jun

Honda – Aircraft / Lawn Mower

Who has not heard of Mean Mower? Although the Honda mower end is a crazy idea, the truth is the Japanese brand sells more of these gardening products than cars in some countries. This manufacturer is one of the most active, because it also has a presence in the world of aviation with its small HondaJet, or in the robotics with the popular ASIMO.

Porsche – Honey

This is one of the most curious activities. Porsche makes honey at its plant in Leipzig. Well, they actually have a conservation project on a plot of 132 hectares, where they have put several animals. Bees are one of them and there are three million of them distributed in 50 colonies, enough to produce almost a ton of honey per year. You will not find it in the stores, because it is only sold in your gift shop and it is sold out in a few days.

Toyota – Boats

Toyota is another that had a different activity in its origins. Now they continue to diversify and, although they left the textile sector, they still do other things like boats. Toyota Marine has some yachts for sale – the Ponam is sold with measures ranging from 28 to 35 feet in length. They are sold mostly in the local market (Japan) and also recently have been involved in a project to make a hybrid version of the ship.

Hyundai – Trains

The Korean manufacturer Hyundai also makes trains and is one of the Asian leaders in this field. It operates through Hyundai Rotem in some countries such as South Korea, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and even the United States. They stand out for making high-speed trains for the local market or for some products as popular as the Metro of Hong Kong and New Delhi or the vicinity of Taiwan.

Tesla – Solar panels

Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016, the company specializing in solar energy. That is why we can say that another of Tesla’s activities is the production of solar panels. The brand wants to change the world paradigm and believes that electricity is the key both in cars and in the home. That is why in the United States they have a great presence with their Powerwall that are in charge of the storage and distribution of the energy obtained through the panels.

Lamborghini – Tractors

In 1948, Ferruccio Lamborghini founded his company that was dedicated to the manufacture of tractors. After a dispute with Enzo Ferrari, he began to do sports, the business that remains today. At the time, Ferruccio detached from the division dedicated to tractors, which is now within SDF Group. However, these agricultural vehicles continue to be marketed under the Lamborghini name and the bull logo.