The owner’s manuals of the classic Porsche are again available

8 May


Porsche is one of those manufacturers that give great importance to their classic vehicles. There are still a good percentage of those older cars (70% since 1948) and the Porsche Classic department takes care of us with care. Although it also carries out very striking actions as when launched a browser for its classics. And this time we talked about that they have decided to reprint the owner’s manuals of the oldest models.

In some cases, after passing through several owners, there is a situation where these documents end up being lost. For lovers of the classics it is a real shame, because these manuals are almost like analog gems in a fully digital age. Now Porsche Classic offers the user nothing less than 700 original manuals that maintain the same quality and are available in several languages.

Among these 700 copies, information is offered on models ranging from the first Porsche 356 to the Porsche 911 996 that was sold until 2004. They are not only user manuals, but also include more than 100 original warranty and maintenance books to control vehicle reviews. And the perfect complements to these documents are the portfolios to keep them, which have been made in a totally faithful to the originals.

There are even some with technical information that help to find data such as the engine series, the tire inflation pressure or the type of license plate. An exemplary sample of what it is to take care of one’s own heritage through details of great emotional value. It is necessary to be grateful that Porsche Classic has been digitizing all its original documents so that actions of this type can now be given. These manuals can be purchased from the Porsche Classic online store.