The reason why anyone can open the front trunk of a Tesla and why it is impossible to dump the Tesla Model X

4 Jun


Safety in the Tesla has always been a fundamental aspect in the company of the charismatic Elon Musk. That is why, surfing the internet, we were quite surprised to come across a video whose title was none other than Tesla’s aberrant security failure and that already had more than a million and a half reproductions.

The video in question, from the youtuber Salomondrin, shows how easy it is to open the front trunk of the Tesla Model X using only a screwdriver. To do this, simply uncover a small piece of plastic located inside the bumper, and then pull the red rope there disposed. We pulled her, and we would have opened the front trunk. The first reaction could be the disbelief that the company has been “cast” a security failure so elementary, but the reality is another, and that this has been done on purpose.

Tesla has at the disposal of the authorities, a guide of their cars to facilitate the emergency operations in case the situation demands it. If we go to the Tesla Model X guide, we will find a section on how to open the front trunk. The purpose of this is on the one hand that in case the batteries are exhausted, use the auxiliary battery of the trunk, recharge it to access the vehicle and recharge the main battery and thus not stay lying. On the other hand, this also serves the emergency services to access the electric current and deactivate it in situations of danger such as a fire.

In the case of the Tesla Model S, the front luggage compartment can be opened by pulling strings on the wheels. That said, the brand itself points out that the front trunk is not a safe place to store valuable items. This method of opening was incorporated for the first time the Tesla manufactured in 2014. Counting as the only prevention device, an alarm that is deactivated after a certain time has elapsed. Therefore, we can conclude that this “aberrant security failure” is just a security measure designed by Tesla itself.

Through the social networks of the company, Tesla broadcast a video in which once again witnessed the great benefits in terms of safety of the Tesla Model X. The video showed nothing less than the practical impossibility of this overturning in case of accident.

The Model X, which has a 5-star safety rating by the NHTSA, demonstrates how the safest SUV on the market is today. Being about to overturn, the vehicle always manages to restore its center of gravity by returning on all four wheels. Science, or rather the engineering behind the “magic”, lies in the position of the batteries. And is that despite one of the great disadvantages of electric is the increase in weight derived from the implementation of them, this is also an advantage to get concentrate much of the weight of the car in its low area and therefore level of a more simple and effective way your balance. Bearing in mind that one of the main dangers of SUVs is their propensity to overturn more likely than other segments, Model X rubs its hands and says that “this does not go with me”.