The sales of Dodge Viper ‘Bravado Banshee’ of the GTA has lasted a few hours

4 Jan


For a few days, lovers of the Grand Theft Auto have been able to get the classic Bravado Banshee video game. There are many games that for reasons of licensing brands can’t include certain models as such, but always appear with certain modifications even with different names.

The Bravado Banshee that first appeared on the GTA III is a Dodge Viper, which one of the Rockstar Games developers decided to make it a reality. To this end, he entrusted West Coast Custom with the preparation of an identical replica. And the result was really brilliant. The modification was made on a 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 coupe. The identical replica of the GTA supercar has been on sale for several days on eBay, but according to the platform it has a new owner.

In total 180,000 dollars have been invested in the modifications of the Dodge Viper. And that is the recreated Bravado Banshee has all kinds of details, from the custom bonnet, to the tailor-made taillights and tail lights. Similarly, the sports car has 19-inch Forgiato tires on Michelin tires, and the word Banshee engraved on the brake calipers. Inside, they have also taken all kinds of details such as a powerful custom speaker system and the gear lever with the Rockstar Games logo.

This wonderful recreation has only 13,185 kilometers and already in 2014 went on sale for 170,000 dollars. But now, just 5 years later, the price at which this Bravado Banshee was announced has dropped to 62,991 dollars, about 55,000 euros to change. In fact that has been the price for which it has been bought, we intuit, by a passionate of the Grand Theft Auto saga. And is that not every day you find the possibility of getting a piece like this