The six favorite cars of Paolo Pininfarina

12 Jun


Paolo Pininfarina, son of the legendary designer Sergio Pininfarina, and grandson of the founder Giovanni Battista Farina, chooses the six cars that best define the legacy of the design house.

Being a difficult choice, taking into account the works of art created by the firm during all these years, these are its chosen ones:

Cisitalia 202, 1947

The Cisitalia 202 is a car that does not need much introduction if we tell you that it was chosen by the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) as one of the most perfect industrial engineering works of the last century. Its aerodynamics, born of a curvilinear and stylized design was interpreted as a breath of fresh air that brought optimism to a post-war Europe. Finally, 170 models were produced during the five years of his laborious production (1947-1952).

Lancia Aurelia B24S (Convertible), 1955

If there is one thing that Italians know how to do, it is to live life with all splendor. And although it is superficial, we like beautiful things and well done. The Lancia Aurelia B24S is, therefore, that explosion of Italian creativity made by and for enjoyment. In the words of Paolo Pininfarina himself, this car was designed “with a beautiful woman in mind”.

Ferrari 275 GTB / 4, 1966

Ascending to the category of icon, this Ferrari was one of the last ones Battista Farina supervised before his death. Its elongated figure housing a 12-cylinder engine and its muscular and robust body make it undoubtedly earn recognition as one of the most spectacular Ferrari in history. Moreover, for Piero Ferrari, son of Enzo Ferrari (the only one alive) is undoubtedly the best car ever manufactured by the brand.

Fiat 124 Spider, 1966

A success of sales, the ancestor of the Fiat 124 Spider 2016 was a disruption in the market to offer a design today almost timeless at an affordable price for the average citizen. His design was as Paolo remarks, totally new, “nothing has been done again, it was completely different from everything around him, even today.”

Ferrari Dino 246 GT, 1969

Having put the Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 in the sky, the Ferrari Dino 246 GTS is not particularly behind, the exclusive version of one of the great classics of Cavallino, the Ferrari Dino. With a power of 195 HP (spectacular for the time) and an interior of those who want to live in it, has a body whose design winks at you and says “you have fallen in love, and you know it”. It was also the confirmation that Sergio Pininfarina was going to do justice to the legacy of his recent deceased father.

Ferrari Sergio, 2013

After the death of the great Sergio Pininfarina, came the one that would be the tribute to an indelible legacy. Both Ferrari and Pininfarina went to work in the production of six ultra-exclusive units that reflect the change of witness in the new stage of the body. Seats sewn by hand by the Tailor Made department, atmospheric V8 mechanics of 4.5 liters, 605 HP engine, we do not find it spectacular enough to be considered as a classic in the future, but it is a worthy tribute to the man who captured some of the cars with which have dreamed many of us.