The unique private collection of white Porsche – “The White Collection”

17 Jan

The article that we bring you today could be interpreted as a paradise for Porsche lovers. Presented by Porsche Club of America, “The White Collection” is a private gallery of 65 models from the Stuttgart manufacturer. The place and the owner of this spectacular collection are totally unknown. We only know about the existence of Carl Bauer, who appears in the video and introduces himself as the caretaker of the collection. Because of the origin of the file we can think that the place is in the United States.

The 65 models that make up this spectacular place are white and among them are vehicles from all periods, from the sixties to current models. As it is to imagine, the white color is almost of forced fulfillment, and this tonality predominates in all the collection. Practically all the furniture that complements this fantastic collection is also white.

Despite being an idyllic place for Porsche fans, there are very few lucky ones to access this place. But those who get it must do it without a mobile phone, forgetting about the photographs and social networks, focusing all their attention and enjoyment on the exceptional models. Regarding the 65 protagonists of the “The White Collection”, stand out numerous copies of the Porsche 911 of practically all its generations. In the same way, the collection has several RS models from the 70s, the Porsche 959 active during the 80s and different specimens of the classic Porsche 356 race. From this model it is worth noting that one of them is the only vehicle in the collection that does not appear in white. This complete gallery of Porsche also has two striking models of front engine, such as the 944 and 968. They could not miss the Porsche GT2 RS and GT3 RS, two of the most recent models of the German firm. This collection not only has these 65 copies, but is complemented by all kinds of elements of the brand, from bicycles manufactured by the firm to posters, car manuals, clothing or suitcases.