The vehicles you will need when the end of the world arrives , part2

13 Feb

Do you remember? The Apocalypse has arrived, but you are calm, do you know why? Because you have one of these vehicles parked next to you. So, the second part of our list:

Jeep Trailcat Concept

Trusting Jeep is a safe bet and more if we are talking about this authentic bestiality of 700 HP. In its chassis modified for obvious reasons, a 6.2 V8 Hellcat engine lives. With four-wheel drive and a manual six-shift gearbox, you’ll have to mentalize yourself so as not to lose this first-rate untamed animal. You will not have to worry if you lose sight of the road. With 39.5-inch tires, there will be no terrain that offers resistance. As it is still a prototype, an excellent alternative will be the Jeep Wrangler 2018 if the Apocalypse does not arrive before, of course.

Conquest Knight XV

If there is something that this military vehicle makes very clear, it is that getting involved with it is as smart as throwing a race to a cheetah. Six tons of weight with two engines, one hybrid of 300 HP, and another gasoline, 326 HP – in short, a car that appears to ecologists in nightmares. In addition, the impact of a RPG projectile will cause you the same indifference as the impact of a mosquito. This thanks to its advanced level of armoring with bulletproof tires. If you have available 700,000 euros, do not hesitate to take the keys to this monster of 6 meters long, 2.5 high and 2.43 wide.


Its name answers to the abbreviations of “Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected”, that is to say, vehicle resistant to mines and protected of ambushes. It is not a vehicle proper, but a term used by the US military to refer to those vehicles capable of resisting attacks with explosives and enemy ambushes. 12,000 MRAP vehicles were deployed by US forces in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The end of the world will be a children’s game for these experienced cars.

Hummer H1

It would not be justice to exclude from this list the brand with some of the most superlative cars in the history of the engine. The Hummer H1 in particular, does not need to pass us his curriculum to see if he has the credentials to save us from the Apocalypse. Engine 8 cylinders in V, 205 HP, and a consumption with which it will be necessary to explore an oil well.

Koenigsegg Agera RS

Taking into account that the 0 to 400 km / h is done in less than thirty seconds, it will be perfect to get the first to the space station with the two passages that will take you to your new planet. The benefits completely break with the famous Nordic discretion. 1.376 CV, with the support of some front brakes that in less than 10 seconds will put the car back to 0. An engineering work for which the term “supercar” is even short.