The vehicles you will need when the end of the world arrives

12 Feb

Imagine: you know the time has come. The Apocalypse has arrived, but you are calm, do you know why? Because you have one of these vehicles parked next to you:

Ripsaw EV2

If you have more than 100,000 dollars in the account, and you want to face the end of the world without skimping on opulence and luxury, we have the perfect vehicle for you – the Ripsaw EV2. Its 600 HP will be enough to move with agility among the living dead, and if one puts in between, its double chains will do the rest.

Paramount Marauder

It is not a vehicle fit for non-military purposes, but we will not get exquisite if in the meantime the world consumes itself in a deadly plague. Therefore, by making an effort of collective imagination we present you with nothing less than the toughest 4 × 4 in the world. With autonomy of 700 km, the Paramount Marauder will be enough to reach easily the nuclear shelter for eccentric millionaires.

In addition, your friends can make the ball for who occupies one of the eight seats for passengers. And to those envious, who try to put a mine on the road, keep in mind that it supports up to 14 kg of TNT under any of the wheels.

Humdinga Amphitruck

If the end of the world catches you in a beach bar, it is best to go towards the sea, if it possible in this amphibian designed by Gibbs. A company is dedicated to the production and design of high speed amphibious vehicles. 130 km / h on land and 27 knots on water (50 km / h). These are figures, which, added to the fact that it takes less than five seconds to complete the transformation of the vehicle, will make the end of the world an evening on a cruise.

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 6 × 6

Are you hedonistic and the end of the world does not seem an excuse to stop enjoying the pleasures of life? This motorhome has your name. An inline six-cylinder engine with 326 HP of power drags this six-wheel luxury house. There are bathroom with marble floor, a complete kitchen of all details, comfortable sofas, televisions of 46 inches in the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 6 × 6.

Since it was designed to endure in the most inhospitable places, it has two diesel tanks of 300 and 200 liters respectively. In addition to two bottles with 11 kg of gas so you can take a hot shower with the confidence that there is a tank storing 250 liters of water.

Moto Biski

From the same minds that conceived the Humdinga, we find this amphibious motorcycle for the selfish who only think about saving themselves. 130 km / h on land, 32 knots (60 km / h) in water and a 20-liter gas tank will be enough to escape far and become the only person on the face of the earth.