These are 10 most valuable car brands in 2019

13 Jun

On an annual basis, Kantar Millward Brown conducts a study on the most valuable brands in the world. In the BrandZ Top 100 companies are gathered from all areas, but we are interested in the car manufacturers. That’s why we wanted to make a ranking with the 10 most valuable car brands in 2019, a list in which there are not many surprises, but some curiosity that we will mention: Toyota (Japan), Mercedes (Germany), BMW (Germany), Honda (Japan), Ford (United States), Nissan (Japan), Tesla (United States), Audi (Germany), Volkswagen (Germany), Porsche (Germany).

As you can see, at the top of the table is Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer repeats as the most valuable car brand with its 29,151 million dollars. Sneaks into position 41 of the Top 100, falling some positions compared to last year due to that 3% drop. Toyota has only descended from that position twice (2010 and 2012) in the 14 years that this study has been done and the difference with respect to the rest is still generous. The podium is closed by two Germans who have always been very close. Mercedes is in second place with its 23.355 million dollars, just above BMW, third with 23.326 million dollars. Both brands seem to go hand in hand, since both have experienced a decrease of 9% in the past year. In addition, they also go consecutive in the Top 100, occupying positions 54 and 55 of the list.

If we continue down the table we see that the rest of brands have not been cast in the Top 100 of BrandZ. Honda remains fourth with 11,749 million dollars, followed by Ford with 11,211 million dollars and Nissan with 10,554 million (all of them with important drops). Tesla advances a position and remains at 9.285 million dollars after a decline of 1% in its value, one of the least down the list. The bottom of the list is held by the Volkswagen Group. Audi suffers a considerable decline of 11% that leaves its value at 8.556 million dollars. Volkswagen itself seems to be recovering from Diesel gate and experiencing a growth of 12% reaching up to 6,707 million dollars. For its part, Porsche sneaks into the tenth position of the list with its 5,817 million dollars.