This is Jamie Oliver’s barbecue inspired by the Land Rover Defender

3 Dec


Jamie Oliver’s latest barbecue designed by the Dutch company Smaac takes inspiration from the design of Land Rover vehicles. As a good luxury product, it has top quality materials to provide food lovers with a way to create their favorite recipes with ease. Roasting outdoors in the sun is one of life’s great pleasures. Taking the word of the successful chef, Smaac collaborated with him to reform the lines of his ideal barbecue to make it even easier to use and really “reflect the appearance and design of the Jamie Oliver brand.” The entire design process began with a wide range of inspiring images that embody the experience of cooking outdoors.

The grill has a small integrated window that allows chefs to see their creations while cooking without the need to open the lid. It measures 1,600 millimeters from side to side, is 550 mm deep and 1,250 mm high. Among the materials that make up this grill, we can find cast steel, aluminum and rhinoceros wood, creating a premium feeling that promises to last over time to provide years of continuous use.

The Jamie Oliver barbecue is completed with a panel with sturdy knobs to control the four gas opening sockets, built-in thermometer, ample storage space and an olive finish clearly derived from the Military Defender. A simple and meaningless design that clearly shows functionality. For example, the robust rotary knobs are a “Yes”, while a smooth and elegant touch panel would be a “No”.

The barbecue design should adapt to several different sizes. Climbing a product can be a challenge, because often all the proportions go down the drain. That is why the barbecue was built in several separate elements. This gave designers more freedom to scale certain parts of the lines to satisfy the desire to have a barbecue of three, four or six fires.

The relationship between Jamie Oliver and Land Rover comes from years ago. In 2017, he embarked on a project together with the Special Vehicle Operations department (creators of amazing machines such as the Jaguar XE SV Project 8) to give birth to a Land Rover Discovery focused on the high-level kitchen.