This is the only BMW 1600 GT Convertible after its restoration

2 Jan

For those who know a lot about the history of BMW, it will not be a novelty that in 1967 the German brand bought Hans Glass’s company. Thanks to this, it incorporated factories such as Dingolfing, which continues to be a reference. And all this comes because in those facilities previously made the Glass 1300 GT and 1700 GT, copies that have much to do with the BMW 1600 GT Convertible that we are going to talk about today.

With a design by Pietro Frua himself, Glass cars were attractive and worked well. After the purchase, BMW created the 1600 GT, a 1.6-liter coupe based on the previous ones. A convertible version was not contemplated, but the American importer, Max Hoffmann, believed that it was an interesting project for its market. That same year two prototypes of the BMW 1600 GT Convertible were made at the Dingolfing plant.

But the story was distorted when in the open road tests one of them suffered an accident, being totally useless. The project would suffer the same setback and finally BMW canceled it after thinking that its serial production would not be viable. That leaves us with a single prototype BMW 1600 GT Convertible, which curiously went into the hands of Herbert Quandt, one of the main shareholders of BMW AG at the time.

After many years with the family, this specimen went through other private buyers until BMW Group Classic located it and decided to recover it. That’s where the new project began, to return it to its original state on the same floor from which it came out with the help of the apprentices who work there. The department dedicated to the classics got all the original spare parts that were necessary and worked on replicas of those that they could not get. The result is that the unique BMW 1600 GT Convertible is in an immaculate state, just as it was 51 years ago when it was created, and that it will occupy a special place in the brand’s museum.