This Porsche 911 desk is the perfect complement for brand lovers

11 Dec


Christmas is approaching, and as if it were a double-edged blade, it is time to give and receive. The latter is always appreciated, especially when one does not expect it. But giving a gift can be complicated sometimes. Questions like “what can I buy? will you like it?” are some of the most typical. If you know of a Porsche 911 fan, maybe this desk is a good option.

The Porsche 911 desk designed by 3 GJB 17 gives you one more reason and the opportunity to correct the commoners who pronounce it “Porsh” or “Porch” telling them that it is, in fact, “Por-shuh”, something that the brand itself explained in a short video a few years ago. The manager behind this creation invents, designs and creates furniture and decorative objects made of mechanical parts and the body of vehicles whose components have already fulfilled their original function.

The desk presented here is custom made with American walnut wood and built with the panels of a second generation of Porsche 911 (930), finished in Arctic silver. The set blends beautifully the contours of the German sports car, taking the back of the car and turning its hood into a writing surface that folds like a cabinet to store your stationery in two drawers.

3 GJB 17 has spent many years perfecting the technique of creating custom furniture and decorative objects from the remains of old vehicles, and for those who love Porsche cars, this is an essential purchase. In fact, it is ideal to fill out the entry forms to the contests, read the mechanical reports of your precious car or, simply, for the daily routine of work. You won’t find many other workspaces like this.

There is no reason why you need the Porsche 911 desktop on any other desk (perhaps one from IKEA, for example, also serves you), but its design will surely leave you anxious anyway. This particular desk is number three of a limited series, and was auctioned in October 2018 by RM Sotheby’s for $ 30,000, just over € 27,000 to change. It is almost the same price as a 911 (930) of the “economic”.

The Porsche 911 3 GJB 17 desk has a powerful and elegant aesthetic that makes it the perfect complement to any home office or living room. You can see the great craftsmanship behind when we put our eyes on this design furniture and, although there is little doubt that it will be beyond the reach of many, there will be a lucky Porsche lover who is enjoying it in his space job.