Tips from Honda for driving a car with manual transmission

9 May

For years there has been an eternal debate in the automotive world: manual change or automatic change? Each of the options has its followers and its detractors, but it seems that in recent times manufacturers are betting on increasingly advanced automatic transmissions. We already talked about its advantages and also its maintenance, so now we focus on some tips for driving a car with manual transmission. Honda is one of the main drivers of this type of gearbox and keeps it in most of its models even in markets such as the US, where manuals only reach 5% of sales. In Europe they enjoy more popularity but there are still people who do not know how to use them correctly. That is why they want to give some simple guidelines that will help many users.

Learn the pattern

Although it may seem a bit silly advice, it is the first thing that someone who is going to take a manual car for the first time should do. We are used to the odd gears are in the top and pairs in the bottom, with the first always top left. Here we must pay more attention to the reverse gear, because it depends on the manufacturer can go up or down and on one side or another. To access it, you have to pull a lever or press the knob down.

The clutch pedal

That is the third pedal that makes manual cars distinguishable. It is controlled with the left foot and has a different feel in each car. A very useful practice before taking a car for the first time is to test its hardness and the point at which the car leaves from standstill while it accelerates a little. The acceleration level will mark a good start, stalling or excessive slippage. The clutch pedal should always be fully depressed when changing gears and do not leave the foot slightly supported to avoid premature wear.

2018 Honda Fit EX-L Navi in Lunar Silver

Change of gears

The force of the engine can’t be applied to the transmission while a gear change is made with a manual, hence the importance of the clutch that allows momentarily stopping the flow of force. The revolutions are the guide to make the changes, if they are high it usually means that you need one more gear, while if they are low and there is hardly any force you need a gear less. Honda says it is not necessary to step on the accelerator during the changes and it is not advisable to skip many gears.


2018 Honda Fit EX-L Navi in Lunar Silver

Manual changes are usually cheaper than automatic changes due to their technical simplicity. Many of the followers of these transmissions will say that their main advantage is not the price, but their ability to involve the user more in driving. The experience at the wheel is enriched and is usually more complete and precise with a manual. Nobody knows if in the long term they will end up disappearing due to the demands of the industry, but it is clear that today they are an option of the most successful.