Toyota also extends the warranty of its cars due to the current situation

16 Apr

The state of alarm that we are experiencing due to the coronavirus has limited the movements of the entire population. Staying at home is necessary to stop the virus from spreading, although that also means that certain procedures cannot be carried out. Administrations know this and that is why we have seen measures such as the suspension of ITV deadlines or the extension of the driving license. But carmakers also want to show their commitment, and now Toyota is extending the official warranty on its cars exceptionally.

The Japanese brand is not the only one that has made this decision, Kia already announced a similar measure a few days ago. In the case of Toyota, what it has done is extend the warranty for the duration of the alarm state and three additional months for those vehicles whose warranty period expires during these days. The condition is that these cars had the official Toyota warranty in force when the state of alarm was declared, that is, on March 14.

This is applicable to all the guarantees offered by the brand in our country: the commercial guarantee, the hybrid system guarantee (3 years or 100,000 km), the Extra care programs (extension of guarantee by one or two years) and Toyota Life (extension guarantee up to 10 years and 160,000 km), as well as the comprehensive check-up service of the hybrid system – Hybrid Health Check (HHC). In the case of hybrids, this check is also extended by three months if it expires during the alarm state and has previously carried out maintenance at an official network dealer.

On the other hand, Toyota Care maintenance contracts are extended by one year and 10,000 km. This program is a package that covers the first four annual reviews at an improved price. Therefore, they will be extended up to 5 years and 70,000 or 90,000 km depending on the type of vehicle and motorization. For those who have to carry out the first maintenance soon, the range to acquire Toyota Care is extended. Now it can be done before the car turns 17 months or 20,000 km (before 14 months and 18,000 km).