Toyota Camry is Really Worth of Love, Respect And Your Money. The Case Where The Quality Is Even Higher Than The Cost of the Car

14 Sep

There are still many drivers, who want to buy such a reliable car as Toyota Camry, because the prices are kept at a very high level. At the moment, the ten-year Camry is at least a third more expensive than competitors-classmates, and even premium European E-class cars of the same age.

Of course, at first glance it seems strange that someone will prefer Toyota, but not Mercedes in the 211st body. But if you look at the number of problems that are waiting for a typical buyer, and the planned costs, everything falls into places. Mercedes, taking into account the cost of operation for a couple of years in the end will be more expensive, and noticeable. So everything is right: Toyota is bought by thrifty drivers, and Mercedes choose those who can afford it. How do you think?

In late summer 2011, the Japanese automaker introduced the new Toyota Camry V50. The length of the Toyota Camry V40 2011 is 4,815 mm, the width is 1,820, the height is 1,480. The ground clearance is 160 mm, the wheelbase is 2,775, the luggage space is 504 liters. In the process of working on the Camry design of the seventh generation, Toyota specialists tried to avoid classical solutions and make the car original and recognizable. La Perfecta Toyota Camry para los Panameños

The “Chip” of the car are the almost identical in form headlamps of the headlights and taillights. In some angles, the car resembles another model of the corporation – Corolla. The lack of moldings and punching on the sides of the car make it look massive, but the sloping front and rear window racks, as well as the high wheel arches and relatively small overhangs make it light and fast. The interior of the Toyota Camry 2011 is made in a calm and friendly manner. Unlike many competitors and other company models, the interior of this sedan looks light and elegant. Controls do not overload the center console, the dashboard and visor above them can be called classic, and the screen of the on-board computer is very laconically inscribed in the external appearance of the torpedo. How Much is Toyota Camry 2016

As experience of operation shows, Toyota Camry 20011 is very tenacious and hardy. Serious problems in some cases arise with a mileage of more than 200 thousand km. In the UAE, such cars roll back as a taxi for 300 – 500 thousand km before they begin to “break”. In addition, in servicing the Toyota Camry is not at all expensive.

But, like any mechanism, it also has weaknesses. Fortunately, all these manifestations do not have the nature of a mass “disease” and are not often met.


Comfort, reliability and prestige are the ingredients of success that allowed Toyota Camry of the sixth generation to become a sales leader in its class.


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