Toyota Proace Verso Nomad Plus Home, with the house in tow

1 Apr

The boom of camper vans in recent years is known to all. All manufacturers with a commercial vehicle have launched variants adapted to “live” on the road. The Toyota Proace Verso Nomad Plus Home is one of them. Made on the Toyota Proace Verso, it has plenty of equipment to enjoy the adventure even more, at a high price (from 45,683 euros), but reasonable for everything it offers.

This top-of-the-range variant offers a new lifting roof, with a panoramic front opening that allows for greater luminosity. It also has new closures, so that opening and closing are easier operations. It has a pneumatic opening and a 2 x 1.30-meter bed frame with a bed base with ergonomic flexible discs and a mattress.

Inside, a new finish is gained for the swivel bases of the front seats, a new fixed module for storing objects, with a shutter-type closure and a 40-liter fridge (larger than what has been offered so far). There is no missing removable kitchen and sink module (which can be used indoors or outdoors).

Like the more equipped variant of the Toyota Proace Verso Camper, the new version includes diesel auxiliary heating as standard with a programmer, bicycle rack located in the rear door, 220V external socket or an awning. In addition, it includes a 100ah auxiliary battery, several USB connections, three lights with dual intensity LED technology, Airlock for the openable rear window, electric operation shower and protector in the rear bumper.

With this new version, there are already four trim levels available in this variant prepared for sleeping with a certain comfort. It can be chosen in two body lengths (medium – L1– and long –L2–) and choose between two diesel engines, the 120 HP 1.5D or the 150 CV 2.0D), associated with a six-speed manual transmission.