Volkswagen brings a gym on wheels

11 Jan


Volkswagen has started 2019 in a very particular way. The logical thing, coming from a car company, would have been the launch of a new model, but this time the German manufacturer has done it in a very different way: it has launched an exercise plan. This training program is intended for transporters and is that according to a study in the United Kingdom, they spend an average of 2.89 hours sitting behind the wheel. This exercise plan is designed so that it can be carried out using only a vehicle such as the Volkswagen Transporter and the materials transported in it.

The plan proposed by the firm will allow the driver to train most of the muscles of his body, without resorting to expensive devices. How well we observed in the video, are several exercises proposed for training:

1. The first one is jump rope for 30 seconds. For this you can use both a rope and a cable from the cargo area.

2. Later it is the turn of the squats. They should do between 10 and 20 repetitions with weight. For this, anything can be used, such as a toolbox for example.

3. The third of the proposed exercises is intended to strengthen and exercise the area of ​​the back, shoulders and dorsal. To do this you must use a heavy bar, as a weightlifting.

4. The following exercise focuses on strengthening the biceps. To do this they invite you to take any “heavy” item or tool as a dumbbell.

5. Finally, they finalize the exercise plan with a series of funds based on the loading area.

If you are a transporter and spend a large number of hours at the wheel, this planning from Volkswagen can help you stay fit and combat atrophy.