Volvo opens its first factory in the United States

13 Jul

The recent launch of the new generation of the Volvo S60 is of great importance for the Swedish brand. Not only because its average saloon has been completely renewed and with the keys of its range brothers, also because it will be the first model to be manufactured in the United States. Volvo has just opened its plant in Charleston, South Carolina, a facility that has all the latest technologies.


It was a strategic enclave for the brand because it was the last region that was left pending in its list. Since its inception they had focused on running at a good pace in Europe (where they have two factories and one engine plant) and in recent years they have made a major breakthrough in Asia, where they already have three factories and a Chinese engine plant, in addition to assembly plants in India and Malaysia.

And one of the premises of Volvo‘s global strategy is ‘produce where it is sold’. The United States is its third volume market and there is a clear prediction for the three-volume bodies. For this reason it will start producing the Volvo S60 at the factory in Charleston since this fall. They will go to the local market, but they will also be exported from there to the whole world. By working with the SPA platform, they will be prepared so that in 2021 they also produce the next generation of the Volvo XC90.

Volvo’s new manufacturing plant in South Carolina, USA


That will be after an investment of 1,100 million dollars, which will help the Charleston project create some 4,000 jobs. When the facilities, which occupy a total of 647 hectares, are working at full capacity, they are expected to have a capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year. In addition to the factory itself, there will also be office space for R & D, purchasing, quality and sales departments.