What’s behind the color ‘Lizard Green’ of the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS

1 Jun

If you talk about the latest Porsche 911 GT3 RS probably immediately appear on your head painted in a striking green tone, with which it was presented. It must be clear from the beginning that the color with which a new car is launched is not chosen by chance. Known as “communication color”, it will be the one that appears in the world premiere, in the first advertising campaigns and product presentations. In short a key identity sign.

In the case of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the color is called ‘Lizard Green’ and it is a bright green tone with a touch of yellow. It is a creation of Barbara Sika and Daniela Milošević, the designers of the brand that are responsible for the development of the color palette. When it comes to a model of this caliber, it is essential that the color is related to the character of the car and highlight its qualities. The two specialists are clear about the importance of trends in their work. They have to be able to capture those colors with potential for the future, since the new tone begins to develop years before its release on the market. One of the reasons is the quality tests, in which the paint has to be exposed to the weather in desert regions for 24 months in a row. They also expose them to salt water and cleaning products to see their resistance. In cases like this sport, it also has to be more resistant to the impact of stones and other debris.

To start choosing a “communication color” you have to look back to discover the history of the model and the previous colors of communication. It is intended that the new tone does not look too much like the previous ones and follow current trends. Then the applications begin with tests of metallic paints or with pearlescent pigments. At that point it is important that the tone can be applied elsewhere, such as on the inside, making a contrast with leather, Alcantara or carbon fiber.

Normally there is no magic formula to check if a color is fashionable. But there have been certain cycles that are repeated in the automotive world. An example is that of white, a very popular color in the 70s, which fell into oblivion until almost not used at the turn of the century and which returned to be a trend since 2010. In the Porsche 911 GT3 RS an extroverted color was needed, something similar to what has been seen in some predecessors.

The previous one was presented with the ‘Lava Orange’ and quickly became one of the three favorite tones in the brand, having great repercussion in China and that taking into account that not always a “communication color” is the most attractive commercially. Only time will tell if the ‘Lizard Green’ becomes a reference, what is clear is that it has fulfilled its initial function. In this way it is added to a list of historical Porsche colors such as ‘Signal Yellow’, ‘Star Ruby’, ‘Viper Green’ or ‘Tangerine’.