Where does the Horch emblem that wants to recover Audi come from?

10 Oct


Although many do not know its history, the origin of Audi is located at the end of the 19th century. At that time, August Horch founded his car company. In 1909, after several problems with his partners, he left his own company and founded another with a similar name. Due to legal problems with his old company, in 1910 he changed the name to Audi-Werke. In the next decade J.S. Rasmussen acquires most of the shares and changes are coming.

In 1932 Auto Union is established, which is the result of the merger Audi, Horch (both of Horch), DKW and Wanderer. Precisely the logo of the four rings symbolizes these four companies. It was then, in 1966, already under the umbrella of Volkswagen when it became definitely known as Audi. And if today we do this little review is because the German brand could recover the emblem of Horch for a top-end version of its Audi A8.

Recently we have a new generation of the company’s flagship. But there is already talk of its future and of a possible update in a couple of years. At that time the Horch version would appear, which would stand out as the most luxurious and capable brand. It would be something like what Mercedes-Maybach does. This hypothetical Audi A8 L Horch would be distinguished by elements such as specific tires or the logo of the classic brand in various points of the body.

It is already spoken that this variant would be linked to the mechanical W12 bi-turbo of 6.0 liters of the brand, an engine that was programmed for the model but has not yet arrived (due to the problems of homologation, supposedly). Nor does it rule out the use of a V8, more efficient. What is ruled out is that Horch establishes itself as an independent brand, since the Maybach years separately are still remembered.