Which brand of cars has the most presence in Social Media?

8 Jun

Social networks are one of the communication channels that can solve many tasks in the marketing strategy of a company. Thus, for example, the biggest car brands publish information about their novelties increase the interest of the public by showing attractive videos and raffles to attract more customers. SEMrush, an all-in-one platform for digital marketing, has decided to analyze who is the leader in social networks in the Spanish market and what activities it does to achieve it. The analysis was carried out with the Social Media Tracker tool of SEMrush during four months, in the period between January and April 2018.

To begin, the audience, the activity (the number of posts generated by each account) and the engagement (the amount of likes, shares and comments) were analyzed in the five main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google). A list of the 10 most wanted brands in Google Spain was taken and the five leaders were extracted by total number of audience in social networks.

It is seen that Volkswagen gains the leadership in the number of followers, while Ford provokes more engagement with its posts. Citroen is the brand that has created the most posts during the analyzed period (Activity), but it is not the leader neither in number of followers nor in engagement. In other words, the number of posts does not always influence the engagement and the number of followers. Always keep in mind the quality of the posts, think well about the content and use some chips that can attract more audience.

When analyzing which were the most popular posts of brands during the period of January-April, it is appreciated that although Ford is the brand that has more engagement in total, the post that received the most engagement was a BMW on Facebook. It should also be noted that all brands promoted certain models of cars in the most popular posts of the period, with the exception of Citroen who promoted their draw for the program “Citro├źn Advanced Comfort if you tell your story of a more uncomfortable kiss”.

The social network that generated the most engagement for each brand was Facebook. They also analyzed, how often monthly people search social networks of different brands of cars. Social networks are a good channel of promotion for car brands, but to ensure a good promotion strategy in them, the first thing is to analyze well the results of past campaigns. For example, see which campaigns generated the most engagement and why, what day of the week and what time they are most effective to publish posts and what type of content is most effective to optimize the strategy.