Why Auction Export is a customer’s choice

27 Nov

 Want to buy a car at an affordable price? And search for a reliable member of the global car market? Auction Export provides services to export car from the USA and Canada. Helping people from over 100 countries, Auction Export manages to solve its customer’s needs on how to purchase the vehicle, arrange the shipping to the port of destination and handle all the documentation work. Besides, through Auction Export’s website www.auctionexport.com you can get an access to over 250 000 vehicles from North America’s auto market.

           Make few easy steps towards a car you desired!

           The registration on our website is absolutely free and will not take more than 5 minutes. Simply go to our website and find the registration form. You do not need to provide us with any special documents, just enter your real name, valid telephone number and email. As for the latest we recommend using the following three email services, which is Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. Before you click to register please make sure you read and fully understand our Terms and Conditions. After submitting your registration, you will receive a confirmation letter to your email address. So check your inbox to find the e-mail and confirm your registration. Now you can start using all available services. In case something goes wrong you can also find our video tutorial about the registration process following https://youtu.be/umV0T473L0U .

           What services can our members take an advantage of?

           Our website offers various options for registered members in order to make the buying process as easy as it possible. You can choose the most convenient for you among the following:

Bidding option allows you to make a pre-bid for the car you want to have. After we receive your bid, we will represent you at a real auction and inform you later about the auction results. Choosing this option you may buy a car even for the lower price, if your bid will meet the seller’s reserve price and nobody outbids you.

Live on the phone bidding option provides you with the bidding help of our representative. You will be called right before the action starts and make bidding in the real time. Thus, you can follow the bidding process and be sure that you certainly win the car you want and according to your budget.

On our website you can also find cars with a fixed price and buy them with one click of the button Buy Now. The prices for such cars will not be changed, so you may calculate all expenses for buying process and shipping at the same time.

We decided not to deprive you of the opportunity to feel the thrill of the bidding race and offer you to participate in Online real-time action. Still hesitating? Try yourself on the page of trial version: www.auctionexport.com/en/Auctions/Demo/ .

If you already know the car you want or don’t want to spend your time and money on searching or bidding you can simply Order a car or assistance of a sales agent.

           What benefits have our members?

           First of all, you get an access to over 250,000 Salvage and Clean Title cars at wholesale prices. AuctionExport will provide you with all necessary services to represent you as a buyer in the USA or Canada: auction buying, consulting, documentation handling, inland transportation and worldwide transportation.

        Moreover, our registered members obtain the following benefits and offers:

50$ bonus for referring a friend

Refer a Friend section provides our members with special offer. You have an opportunity to help your friend to find us and also get 50$ bonus for each approved referral. It should be mentioned that this amount is refundable*(*Terms and condition apply). What does it mean? You may choose how to spend it as you may either use it as a discount towards your future purchase or refund it for your own needs. You may refer as many clients as you wish, so this option may also become your source of income! Moreover your newly registered friend will also get an opportunity to receive 5 AutoCheck vehicle history reports for free! So sign up your friend by using invitation link – www.auctionexport.com/en/Profile/Refer_A_Friend .

Get a Membership card

After making two purchases you may ask for a membership card. Thus, this will allow you to become our constant member and use the card to represent our company for reselling cars.

Subscribe to new car offers and promotions

Moreover our registered members constantly receive information about special car offers and promotions. This service allows them to stay updated of the hottest offers we propose. In case you are interested in a particular car make or year or have some other preferences, you can specify them in your profile. In such a way, you will receive notifications to track all the freshly added cars on our website.

Ask for financing

One more special opportunity for our registered members is financing for Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Benin and Ghana. If you dream long enough about purchasing a car, but still have any other plans for your budget, you have a great chance to make your dream true right now.

Become AuctionExport official re-seller

Our long-term and reliable registered members may benefit from our Auction Export reseller program, which provides them with the Auction Export genuine certificate. This certificate makes them our officially approved dealers in their countries. In addition, their contact information will be provided in case our customers ask for referral. What is more, it is also very convenient for our customers, who used to deal with people rather than impersonal machines. You may find the list of our dealers in your country on our website. Be among them and daily thousands of our visitors will see information about you.

           Why do our clients trust us?

           Still don’t believe that we are real and reliable? The relevance of Auction Export has been confirmed by Master Business License authentication by the Government of Canada, which ensures customers that the company they are working with is a legitimate and licensed market player. Moreover, we are a registered member of the Used Car Dealer Association of Ontario. Our most loyal clients have already become our official dealers in their countries. The company is constantly working on the high quality services, which are evaluated and monitored by Better Business Bureau. And we are always stay in touch with our customers, providing them with customer support on our website www.auctionexport.com .