Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing: BMW M5 competitor with Corvette engine and manual transmission

9 Feb

General Motors Corporation has presented, perhaps, its latest old-school sports sedan, which should delight fans of the American car industry: a compressor V8 with a capacity of 677 hp, rear-wheel drive with “self-blocking” and a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard. … Read More »

Fleets will continue to go green: GM will phase out combustion engines by 2035

4 Feb

Judging by the statement of the management of the American concern, we are talking only about passenger cars of the brands that make up its composition. Probably, pickups and commercial vehicles will be left with internal combustion engines after the … Read More »

Bentley’s first electric car will reach the height of the Aurus and will be offered to women

18 Dec

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark spoke about how he sees Bentley’s first production electric car. In November, Volkswagen’s Bentley said it plans to move entirely to electric vehicles by 2030, with the first fully exhaustless UK-branded model going to market in … Read More »