Why should I pay $400 deposit, if the car costs 1$?

29 Oct

Dear clients, some of you want to buy a car with a price less than 400$ and most of you ask why should they make an initial deposit. Let us provide you with all  details. For instance you want to buy this 1985 Biuck Lesabre  for a Buy Now Price – $1.


As per AuctionExport Terms and Conditions, the minimum deposit amount is $400 or 10% from the “BID/BUY NOW” amount. You may ask why should you pay $400 for a car that costs $1 car. But if you click on red fees you will see the following:


The fees include  $195 AuctionExport fee, $ 70 paperwork fee, and may also consists of Auction Buyer fee, Internet fee and gate fee. Besides, there is also Shipping Calculator at the bottom of the page. Here you can also find out how much it will cost to deliver the car to your country, for example to Nigeria:


After you win or buy a car the deposit amount will be debited towards your total invoice amount. So if you buy a $1 vehicle your deposit will cover additional fees and/or part of shipping costs as well. When we send you an invoice you should pay only the remaining sum.

Thank you for choosing Auction Export

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