Auction Export launches new Home Page design

30 Dec

The new homepage, designed by, is all set to redefine the standards in order to meet the expectations of the clients as well as to make it even more convenient and hassle free for the customers. Utilizing the keyword search in the upper right-hand corner, you can search all the cars available to be sold at The new customer-savvy look enables one to navigate through all the features that have been customized to make the entire journey of buying cars a cakewalk. Employing innovative technology, they don’t only help you to search and buy, but also to export any vehicle of your choice. Being a prominent name in the domain of North American wholesale auto auctions, ensures ease of access and offers newly added features as well.

Register and Log In: One can easily register himself or herself at in order to enjoy the features of the website to the fullest.

Advanced Search Bar: The new advanced search bar makes it easier for one to find cars according to price range, year of the car, make, model and the type of vehicle.

Deal of the Day: The ‘Deal of the Day’ segment, present in the website, unravels the opportunity for one to be aware of the cars that are being offered at minimum fees and discounted prices.

Customer Reviews: Testimonials that come from the customers who have already bought the cars from the platform of, will pave the way for the customers to be aware of the level of satisfaction of existing clients of the company. One can also find testimonials from the partners.

Webinars: The webinars have been intended to help the customers to be aware of the process to buy and shop the vehicle. The videos, that are to be found in the webinars, have been designed to ensure that the customers have a quick answer to their questions.

Live Auction: Enabling one to be aware of the real time bidding, the live auction offered by offers repeated engrossment with experience and one can easily get informed about the prices of the cars.

Hot Lots: The new section entitled as ‘Hot Lots’ reveals the scope for one to have a look at the best cars being offered at the best prices in the market.

Selling Cars Worldwide: You can also easily sell the cars across the globe at the desired prices if you are registered Dealer  in North America.

Latest News: The ‘Latest News’ section in the, designed to disseminate information, assists one to stay updated about what is happening in the world of wholesale auto auctions.

While the prime imperative is to satisfy all the auto-export needs of the clients, the newly designed website takes one step ahead of the competitors in the market. The new home page works promptly so that the customer gets to have the best experience and is unique in its way of making it all very convenient and feasible for the customers interested in wholesale auto auctions.