Meet the New Audi R8. It might be a Tesla Rival in the Future?

17 Feb

Audi R8 (2016-2017) in the new body has repeatedly hit the spy camera lenses, although the official photo of this model manufacturer has managed to keep it to the last. Externally, the car kept the recognizable silhouette, but got another front, decorated in the style of Audi TT 3 generation.

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Models of Audi R8 (2017)

Supercar got a massive hexagonal radiator grille, air intakes in the front bumper with vertical slats, a diode light engineering (for a fee is available laser head optics) and an updated feed with modified aft diffuser and bumper. In general, the design of the model acquired more sharp edges which give the appearance of aggression. The interior of the new Audi R8 (2016-2017) meets you with completely rethought front panel, made in a minimalist style, and a digital instrument panel in the form of a 12.3-inch display, which is already known for the above-mentioned models TT and Volkswagen Passat B8. You gonna like Volkswagen Beetle Dune 2016

Plus, the cabin became a bit more spacious than before, and now behind the front seats you can place your sports bag. Got an expensive car, then choose the right alarm for your car



The basis of the Audi R8 II includes carbon-aluminum chassis Audi Space Frame. The supercar Lamborghini Huracan has the same one. Its use has helped to make the new product a 10% lighter than its predecessor and increased rigidity in torsion by 40 percent.

Overall length of Audi R8 in a new body was reduced to 15 mm – up to 4420, the width was increased to 1944 mm (+ 39), and the height reduced to 1241 (- 12). The size of the wheelbase (2 650) remained the same, and the trunk volume increased just a bit – up to 104 liters compared to hundreds of previously. So far for the supercar is only available an upgraded 5.2-liter naturally aspirated engine V10, which produces 540 hp (+15) And 540 Nm of torque, while the version Plus – 610 “horses” (+ 61) and 560 Nm. It is combined exclusively in pair with a 7-band S tronic transmission with two clutches. Are modern engines as reliable as used to be?


Already in the base of car a motor is equipped with the system “start / stop” function on and off the half of cylinders under light loads. This has reduced the average consumption in the combined cycle to 11.8 liters / 100 km (12.4 to 610-strong modification). On manufacturer has not said anything about the version with a more modest V8. Probably, it will appear later.

New Audi R8 quattro retains 2-wheel drive system with electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch, front and rear mechanical differential of the raised friction. Depending on the situation, any of the axes can be transmitted up to 100% of thrust.

From now the equipment of models include electronically controlled adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride system, coupled with the choice of the mode of operation of the control electronics. The latter has Normal, Sport and Dynamic modes. Switching these modes you can change the parameters such as stiffness of the shock absorbers, the steering wheel force (now there is an electric power with a variable gear ratio), time for the response to pressing the accelerator pedal, and others. The top Audi R8 V10 plus (2016-2017 ) further comprises a carbon-ceramic brakes and static rear wing (540-strong version is extendable). Plus, such a modification is lighter on 50 kg (1454 kg).


As a result, this coupe spends 3.2 seconds (0.3 sec. faster than its predecessor) for acceleration from zero to hundred, and the maximum speed reaches 330 km / h. Coupe with 540 hp engine requires 3.5 seconds for similar acceleration and a top speed is just below – 323 km / h. The standard equipment of the Audi R8 V10 plus includes diode head optics (for a fee you can order laser lights), ceramic brakes, a virtual instrument panel, leather seats, sport bucket seats, the MMI system and the Audi Drive Select with the Performance mode, as well as forged wheels. You will be surprised to know 9 insanely expensive car accessories

The electric version of Audi R8

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Behind the petrol version Audi shows a more advanced “green” electric version of its supercar R8 e-tron. Equipped with a large T-shaped battery of 92 kW / h, structurally integrated into the central tunnel of the cockpit, electric car is able to drive on electric power up to 450 km! R8 e-tron has a combined charging system (Combined Charging System, CCS), which allows you to charge the car from AC or DC. The Germans claim to fully charge the battery does not need more than 2 hours of time.

According to a press release “vehicle capacity is doubled by 170 kW with maximum torque Nm 2×460” which means, R8 e-tron has two electric motors with 230 hp and 460 Nm of torque for every one, but a heavy-duty motor sports car is able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and reaches its maximum 210 km / h or 250 km / h. Robots on the road or cars without drivers. Read the details

Audi aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.28 is a very important indicator for the electric car.

Audi claims that it produces batteries itself and R8 e-tron will become a “laboratory on wheels” for the creation in the future of the car in the sedan with a similar technology. Someone thought that this could be Tesla rival. Well, everything is possible.