The development of safety technologies in the automotive industry: Key aspects and their importance when buying a used car

29 Jan

In today’s engineering and mechanical sector, the automotive industry is undeniably progressing, introducing and improving technologies to maximize the safety of both passengers and pedestrians. This becomes especially relevant when choosing a used car since new developments can determine the level of safety of the vehicle.

1. Electronic stability control systems (ESC):

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Electronic ESC systems use sensors that measure the movement of the vehicle to automatically adjust the braking of individual wheels. This significantly reduces the risk of leaving the road and helps to avoid dangerous situations on the road.

2. Blind zone control systems:

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Modern cars are equipped with systems that detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spots. These systems send a warning or automatically activate a signal to prevent the danger of a collision when changing lanes.

3. Automatic braking in the event of an accident:

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Automatic braking systems react to the danger of a collision by activating the brakes and trying to avoid or mitigate the consequences of the accident. This feature is critical to reducing the severity of passenger injuries.

4. Collision warning systems:

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Forward collision warning systems use cameras and radar to detect obstacles in the path. These systems can warn the driver in time or even intervene automatically to avoid a collision.

5. Airbags and assertion management systems:

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Modern cars are not only equipped with front airbags but also side and curtain airbags, which provide an additional level of protection. Assertion control systems are activated in a collision, guaranteeing the safety of the head and neck of the passengers.

When choosing a used car, it is important to consider what safety technologies are already installed and to consider the possibility of additional improvements. Innovations in the field of automotive safety not only increase the chances of survival in the event of an accident but also contribute to the overall reduction of accidents on the roads. Make your choice in favor of technologies that will provide you with the maximum level of protection.