Ferrari Portofino M: Old Design, New Electronics And Powertrain From Roma

18 Sep

Scuderia rolled out its first novelty after the coronavirus crisis – an updated coupe-convertible Portofino, to the name of which the letter M, traditional in such cases, was added (Modificata, that is, “modified”).

In November last year, Ferrari unveiled a full-fledged Roma coupe based on the Portofino: the novelty turned out to be a new word in the design of the Italian brand’s sports cars, and many of its fans expected that the original Portofino would receive, if not all, then at least part of the Roma stylistic innovations in the course of planned restyling. Unfortunately or fortunately, this did not happen. The Ferrari that piloted Michael Schumacher in 2002 can be yours

Outside, the Portofino M practically does not differ from the pre-styling coupe-convertible: the innovations include additional slots on the sides of the front bumper, rhyming with the ventilation grilles on the front fenders and serving to exhaust the incoming air, chrome-plated horizontal strips of the decorative radiator grill, the rear diffuser, now made as a separate part (for a surcharge it will be made of carbon fiber), and a new design of rims.

Everything is the same in the cabin, changes are only at the level of individual handles and buttons. So, the drive mode selector on the steering wheel now has more positions (rain and track modes have been added). The chairs are equipped with ventilation and heating, including the so-called air scarf – the supply of hot air to the neck area.

The arsenal of electronic driver assistants is now no worse than that of business-class sedans: adaptive cruise control with traffic congestion, blind spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition, lane control system, reversing interference recognition, all-round visibility system, automatic headlight switch from high to low.

The powertrain is the same as that of the Roma. This means that the 3.9-liter petrol “biturbo-8” with a particulate filter screwed to it produces a maximum of 620 hp. (20 hp more than the pre-styling Portofino), and the old 7-speed automatic transmission of the DCT type (with two clutches) has been replaced by a new 8-speed of the same type, but more compact, durable and “rapid-fire”. Curiously, the maximum torque (760 Nm) is available only in 7th and 8th gears, and the manufacturer does not report how many newton meters are used in the first six. The acceleration time to 100 km / h decreased by 0.05 s to 3.45 s. The maximum speed is over 320 km / h.

Other notable changes include a previously unavailable Side Slip Control system, a 10% reduction in brake pedal travel for more precise force metering, and a new, more compact exhaust system without cans under the front bumper. Restyling did not affect the curb weight of the car in any way – it is the previous 1664 kg. Trunk volume – 294 liters. The volume of the fuel tank is 80 liters.

On sale Ferrari Portofino M will appear only closer to the middle of next year at a price of 206 thousand euros.