The new Lexus NX was revealed before the premiere: without radical changes outside and a completely different interior

17 Mar

According to preliminary data, the new generation of the SUV will have a rechargeable hybrid version. Judging by the “drain”, a full-fledged presentation of the model is just around the corner.

The Lexus NX crossover has been in service since 2014; it underwent restyling in 2017. It would seem that it is high time to roll out the second generation model on the stage, but, no, Toyota’s premium brand is just preparing for the debut of a new cross. Ahead of us is a teaser campaign, but the design of the “second” NX is no longer a secret: a video (probably official) with a SUV was posted on the Web, and even though it has already been removed, many managed to take screenshots – they hang, for example, on the Club Lexus forum.

There are no radical changes in the appearance – the crossover, rather, has evolved. So, the new NX retained the silhouette of its predecessor, the radiator grille is still in the form of a spindle, the triangles in the windows of the front doors have not gone anywhere, the mirrors are still on separate legs. However, the optics were nevertheless replaced: the LED strips of the running lights are now integrated into the headlights, and the lights are interconnected by a luminous plate.

Inside, on the contrary, nothing reminds of the “first” Lexus NX, there is a new front panel, steering wheel and center console. The screen of the multimedia system is now built into the panel, and does not stick out of it, in addition, the touchpad has disappeared, that is, the display is touch-sensitive. NX also got hold of a virtual “tidy”, the new gearbox selector was moved closer to the driver, and the door openers are now in the armrests. There are no more analog round clocks. Lexus ES gets all-wheel drive for the first time in its 30-year history

According to preliminary information, the new NX is based on the GA-K platform, created in the framework of the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) architecture. The current Toyota RAV4, which changed its generation back in 2018 (by the way, the previous RAV4 is the closest relative of the previous Lexus NX) is based on the same “cart”. Judging by the “merged” video, the basic version of the NX 200 remains in the Lexus range, and the inscription NX 350h appears at the end of the video – apparently, this is the designation for a regular hybrid (the predecessor does not have such a version, but there is an NX 300h).

And the second-generation crossover is expected to have a rechargeable hybrid variant of the NX 450h + with a RAV4 PHV setup (the name for Japan, in the States it is RAV4 Prime). Recall that the front wheels of the Toyota model are rotated through an electromechanical variator operating according to the Atkinson economy cycle “atmospheric” A25A-FXS 2.5 (177 hp, 219 Nm) and an electric motor with a capacity of 182 hp. (270 Nm), a separate electric motor (54 hp, 121 Nm) is installed on the rear axle, and a battery with a capacity of 18.1 kWh is located under the floor of the passenger compartment. The total output is 306 hp.

The full-fledged premiere of the new Lexus NX will apparently celebrate in the coming months. Well, the first official teaser may appear within a few days.