Updated Camry sedan launches in Japan, and not only under the Toyota brand

4 Feb

The exterior design of the 4-door business-class was corrected, there are new things inside. In addition, the complex of security systems has been modernized.

The Americans were the first to receive the restyled Toyota Camry – in the States this model debuted last summer. At the end of 2020, a refreshed “four-door” designed for Europe was presented. And now it’s Japan’s turn, and there is a double premiere: along with the Camry sedan, its clone from Daihatsu, Altis, has also been updated. Recall that the twin under the Daihatsu brand (owned by Toyota) has been produced since 2000 (of course, it changed generations at the same time as the Camry), this sedan is addressed mainly to corporate customers, so the circulation is small.

The Camry for the Japanese market has the same restyling program as for the United States and the Old World: the model has got a new front bumper with C-shaped shiny inserts, a pronounced “beak” has been removed from the upper grille, plus the range of wheels and the palette of body colors has been expanded. In addition, the Japanese, as well as the Americans, have access to a “sporty” version, in the homeland of Toyota it is called WS (Worldwide & Sporty), the grille and air intakes of such a “four-door” now have a different mesh, plus new bumper covers.

The main new thing in the cabin is the 9-inch screen of the multimedia system towering above the front panel (previously there was an 8-inch display built into the panel), because of which the central air vents had to be moved lower. Well, they also slightly refreshed the “tidy”. The complex of safety systems Toyota Safety Sense has also been improved: the auto braking system has learned to recognize pedestrians and cyclists both in front and when turning, a “lane tracking assistant” has been added. Toyota Camry 2018 Or Mazda 6, Who Is Stronger?

In Japan, the Toyota Camry comes only in the form of a hybrid, they did not change the technique: the installation includes an aspirated 2.5 (178 hp) and an electric motor (120 hp), the sedan has an electromechanical variator. All trim levels are equipped with an E-Four all-wheel drive with a separate electric motor on the rear axle (7.2 hp), which helps to get under way.

4-door Altis from Camry in terms of design differs only in emblems, it has a similar hybrid setup (there is also an E-Four), but the Daihatsu model is offered in the only “medium” version G (Toyota has five trim levels). When Toyota Camry 2018 Is For Every Taste, Which Version Would You Choose?

The updated Toyota sedan costs from 33 000 dollars – 95 000 dollars. For Daihatsu Altis they ask for a minimum 40 000 dollars.