22 Mar

If you do not have a full amount at the moment of purchase, you can apply for our low-interest Financing.

Financing program allows you to pay for your car in two installments:

1st part is 33%  from the total amount + fees should be paid before the delivery;

2nd part is 67% from the total amount that should be covered upon the car’s arrival or within 60 days whichever comes first.

You can use the Financing calculator to check the deposit amount

Step 1 – Check the total price for the chosen car on the vehicle page and put the amount you get into the first line.

Step 2 – Click “Calculate” and the feature will show you the amount of deposit you should have on your Auction Export account to qualify for the program, Admin fee, Financing fee, Mandatory Insurance amounts to pay.

Please check the info graphics below to get the idea: